Zara Vs Mango (Homini Emerito): Pole This Summer

I have a few weeks to insist on the idea that begin to the Poles fear and we use them as it is due this spring/summer. I know as I am too heavy but I think that it is a garment that can give an incredible game, with a still-latent potential due to bad weather and, thanks to that can make us even with real bargains before the start to do better and disappear from stores.

As well, today we will make a simple comparison between two large firms and the different models that we offer this fashion classic. That it is no good speak of them if then we don’t give ideas or references if any are encouraged and want to buy one or innovate in her look and be accommodated. So let’s go for two of the large: Zara and Mango for the male version, Homini Emerito.

I, personally, am that says that these are the best times to take bright, cheerful and vivid colors. This is not to say that you can not do in autumn or winter, but that try to brighten a bit the rest with looks and colorful styles, and let the grey, dark blue and black, or for the night, or longer for fall.

Therefore, that Zara this season does not bring me much to say. All Poles are pretty bland, loaded with good intentions (fairly cheap and some of them point) but with colors that say little, tristones and without force.

It is the case of these three models, the happiest I’ve been able to find, in that emphasizes its simplicity, its neutral colors (with the exception of blue) and its austerity on grounds.

If we compare it with Homini Emerito, We see that this firm has decided to bet on a quite remote from the Zara aesthetic line. It is indeed of which says that summer is to wear it and therefore supported in stripes, points and games of colors, make a authentic deployment of chromatic varieties.

The primary and secondary colors mingle no matter (green with magenta, orange with blue) getting looks very impressive, bright and above all happy and with force.

And for cases in which the tones are more chords, stripes become perfect allied to play with contrasts. The downside is that they may be more expensive. While the Zara some not arrived to the 10 euros, all these exceed the 25 euros, but I sincerely believe that it is worthwhile, and between opt for a firm or another, I think that it is made clear which I give my positive vote.