Simyo Already Allows to Make Migration from Prepaid to Contract

Simyo continues to expand its services to match more and more to those offered by any of our traditional operators and that allows you to differentiate itself from other low-cost operators to provide service missed calls, send SMS premium, transfer of balance and now also allows to migration from prepaid to contract.

Although there are no different rates or services belonging to prepaid or contract, the MVNO Simyo pretends facilitate replacement of card prepaid to contract so that their customers can forget about having to reload and be able to direct debit payments.

To switch from prepaid to contract only that free call 121 with the 20 digits of your account and ask for the change that will take place at the same time. In addition, the balance that you may have in the prepaid card will be deducted on the invoice for don’t waste a penny of your money.

Now only lack that since Simyo also introduce this possibility of change from the personal area on the web thus continuing its commitment to manage everything through the internet.