12 Tips and Suggestions to Take Care of Oily Hair

The scalp with brightness in excess, dandruff and itching are some of the discomfort caused by the problem, learn how to get rid of it

The oiliness of hair is a problem that affects a large part of the population all over the world, but no one suffers so much with this as the women. The scalp looks greasy is able to compromise any overproduction, leaving the woman with unkempt appearance.

12 Tips and Suggestions to Take Care of Oily Hair 1

Those who suffer with oiliness, faces the problem in any season of the year, but the typical warmth of the brazilian summer intensifies the production of oil on the scalp causing hair washed in the morning come to the end of the day without the volume and seeming to not see water for days.

If you also suffer with this evil, know that some simple care can be taken to mitigate and prevent more serious problems such as seborrheic dermatitis, an inflammation caused by the large production of oil, and that contributes to the downfall of the wires and the increase of dandruff.

Check out below the twelve tips selected to help you achieve a healthy hair, lightweight, beautiful and free of oil.

1 – Wash hair with warm water or cold

Wash the hair with water at the correct temperature is critical to the health of the wires. Very hot water harm the scalp and stimulating the sebaceous glands to work harder to protect you from this aggression, and when they work more, the oil production increases.

Contrary to what many believe, oily hair should not be washed daily, wash them every other day is enough.

2 – Choose the shampoos in certain

Shampoos for oily hair should not be used constantly, because they cause the same effect of the hot water, ressecando the scalp and stimulating the sebaceous glands to produce more oil to hydrate the hair fiber. Switch the wash with shampoo for oily hair in a wash and shampoos neutral PH balanced in the other. The shampoos antirresíduos and astringent should be used preferably when the wires are very dirty, a maximum of two times per week.

3 – a Lot of attention to the use of the conditioner

It is not recommended to use conditioners on your scalp. The product should be applied directly on the hands and the past of the length to the ends of the wires, always rinsing well to leave no residue. Dispense of the use of products of the type 2 in 1 (shampoo + conditioner), mostly creams without rinsing.

4 – Keep an eye on the feed

The food has a direct influence on the oiliness of the hair. The consumption in excess of carbs, dairy and greasy food can worsen the problem. So, choose a balanced diet, including fruits, vegetables and vegetables in your menu and eliminating fatty foods and fried foods.

12 Tips and Suggestions to Take Care of Oily Hair 2

5 – Dryer, flat iron and babyliss

There is no study that proves that the use of these devices increase the oiliness of the wires. The ideal is that the hair dry and loose of course, but if you don’t open hand of the dryer, keep a distance of at least 15cm so that the heat does not stimulate the sebaceous glands. Before the process, apply products term-activated that protect the wires from the intense heat.

6 – Take your hands off of the hair

Pass the hands by the hair throwing them from one side to the other can be a charm and even a mania, but if you have oily hair, avoid doing this. The residues present in the hands contribute to the increase of oil and foul the wires more quickly. If you can not keep the hands away from of the hair, the solution is to arrest them once in a while.

7 – do Not abuse the accessories

Use hats and scarves with frequency also increases the oiliness of the wires. This is because the scalp ends up being stuffy, thus increasing the natural production of oil. If you already have oily hair, avoid the frequent use of hats, scarves and any other accessories that may drown out the leather.

8 – Products that you should avoid

Those who have the oily hair you should avoid products without rinsing, such as waxes, polishes, creams for hair, silicones and oils in excess. To model the hair, prefer to use gel and mousse. You can also use leave-in by applying it only to the middle of the hair to the ends to protect the wires against excessive pollution and ultraviolet rays.

12 Tips and Suggestions to Take Care of Oily Hair 3

9 – Treat the yarn

Oily hair, as well as the other types, they also need hydration, mainly to avoid the weakening of the wires. The novelty for the wires oily is the argiloterapia, a treatment of the clay base sulforosa, rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, silica and sodium, which exfoliates and treats the hair fiber restoring the health of the scalp and of the hair.

10 – Control the dandruff

Dandruff appears on all hair types and are characteristic of scalp problems in general, but the oiliness excess associated with the action of a fungus called Malassezia, which is present in the skin of all of us, makes the leather more prone to formation of dandruff. Use shampoos anti-dandruff and avoid sleeping with wet hair can help in control.

11 – be Careful with the use of talc

If the last time you have that disguise the dandruff, you can use talc, which disguises the appearance of oily, but the risk of the scalp to display rejections and cause itching is great. Take the same care with products such as post matificantes and sprays shampoo dry. Both should be used occasionally and sparingly.

12 – Relax

People who are stressed, tend to produce higher rates of oil in the leather hair, so keep yourself calm and relaxed in the day to day tasks is good not only for the heart but also to the hair.

Now you already have precious information to take care of the hair and combat the oiliness, but if your case is extreme, the kind that cause discomfort and constraints of larger, look for a dermatologist. He will analyze your case, uncover the source of the problem and indicate lotions specific to your treatment.