0 Cents Per Minute between Jazztel Mobile with a New Module of Savings

After the improvement in the Jazztel rates months ago, now launches a new saving module that will speak for 0 cents per minute any time of the day with other mobile Jazztel customers up to a maximum of 90 minutes a day and 500 minutes per month.

“My numbers Jazztel” saving module has a monthly fee of 3 euros and can be applied to any rate flat or at the rate of 10 cents/minute default so it makes it very advisable if you talk more than 30 minutes per month to other Jazztel already that the establishment of call if you are charged with this module (except for the minutes included in your rate flat).

As a launch promotion, if you hire this module with one of the flat rates of voice, the monthly fee of the modules will have a discount of the 50% during the first three months and their hiring does not imply permanence by what you can disable at any time.