Zax: Brazil Avenue Accessories

Shanell Accessories–The “Booty Call” Of Brazil Avenue

Between the noveleiras on duty there is no one to stop commenting on the striking style and, incidentally, provocative character Zax, Brazil Avenue. The style “booty call” have given that talk, but between the criticisms some people like too. In addition to the tight clothes and colorful Accessories super girl also call to attention.

It is impossible not to notice the cintinho that displays on the Zax belly fit, always showing. The detail is the format that mimics a string, but can also be found in strands of rhinestones and other metal materials and shiny. To use the accessory you need to be up to date with the scale and enjoy viewing the body, which is no problem for the character.

In addition to the safety belt, Zax also does not dispense the huge earrings and glamorous with long chains. One of the models used for her consists of only a long chain that passes from the shoulder. Another is a set of gold chains attached to a metal plate from 3Rjewelry. They can be used at night, looks unlike the use that the character played by Isis Valverde gives the accessory.

Shanell also bet on bracelets to give a touch more charming and sensual to looks.With great thickness and metal Golden bracelet abused girl in the upper part of the arm, always very exact.