Your Bike Z May Connect to Networks 5 G Thanks to a Motorcycle Mod, What Possibilities Opens This?

This has been the year in which two mobile phone manufacturers have tried to bring forward an almost identical project, although focused in a different way. One of them, the LG with its LG Friends, it seems to have failed and will not be a trace of it when the future LG G6. The other, the started by Lenovo with the bike Mods of the Moto Z, not only continues but that it now introduces a very interesting concept.

If you have had any personal computer, Tower or desktop, you will know that they can be expanded quite easily. Simply remove the housing screws and replace any component with one new and more powerful, or even add new components. It is something that was lost partly with notebooks and that has never been possible on mobile phones but, and if we could increase the power of a smartphone with external components? Lenovo thinks that it is possible.

Want 5 G? Quiet, Lenovo has the solution

It is without a doubt the most interesting approach that has put Lenovo on the table in relation to their bike Mods. The initial package of accessories for Moto Z arrived with picoproyectores, extra batteries, and the announced previously Mod Hasselblad to take Mobile photography a step further. Lenovo made another interesting thing, Open your program for external developers.

Mods or modules for the Moto Z still arriving and advertised, and among the last we have found something quite interesting, a concept that can be revolutionary if you take advantage of properly. Between external displays of electronic ink and monitors for babies, he has appeared a future external modem that will allow that us connect to 5G networks.

What until now was an impossible to solve because limitation depended solely on the SoC mounted on our smartphone, the processor which had certain immutable capabilities, now could bridged thanks to a Mod bike that would lead to our mobile phone one step further. If access to faster networks was a reason to change mobile, Lenovo wants to put it a little more difficult.

And seen this progress, who tells us that we can not go a step further? Why not improve computing power to be able to welcome more powerful games and develop our smartphone on a console with Android? Why not include an external display to be able to use virtual reality to ideal quality? The possibilities are many and very interesting.

What will be the next thing that we see in the bike Mods of the Moto Z? Neither Lenovo knows it. For the moment they are organizing both hackathons as a campaign on Indiegogo to continue designing and launching new modules for the Moto Z. The proposals include alarm clocks, keyboards, walkie-talkies and until a kinetic charger to battery to your mobile phone while we move. Lenovo has opened a huge door to the future of its Moto Z line.