Young Fashion Plus Size From TV Show

There’s now a casting show has curvy women in focus and thus documented how multi-faceted beauty is really with the TV-show “curvy supermodel” on RTL2. Not only slim is beautiful, but also winding. And also this show involves rubbing shoulders with young women, then Crown the woman with the most beautiful corners of the nation. 

Similar to how Heidi Klum there GNTM’s here abundant emotions, Catwalktraining with insight, dramatic moments, crisp curves, increase in self-confidence, philosophical, frontiers-busting challenges and TV effective interpersonal. While always a lot fashion – time with more stuff, times with less fabric. In the illustrious jury sitting everything MOTSI Mabuse, curvy model Angelina Kirsch and model agent Ted Linow, fashion guru Harald Glööckler.

Curvy Supermodel Challenge: Rock Tube

In the third episode, there were to win then the first modeling job. The win was a big photo shoot in southern France for the current happy size collections “Rock Romance” and “ethno spirit”. “Curvy supermodel and happy size fit together perfectly, because no matter whether with dress size, 36 , 44 and 56, would both show that women feel comfortable in their bodies can and should,” so Stefanie Ullrich-Michalak, Managing Director at happy size.

Posing-training in the third episode the candidates should show their rock side collection “Rock Romance” in the happy size fall/winter outfits. You not suspected at this time still, that just a real casting took place.The happy size watched jury in an adjoining room of monitors, as the models in front of the camera acting. The jury was chosen on the 23 year-old Céline and the 25 year-old Michaela. Win the challenge both for the latest trends from happy size were allowed to stand in front of the camera. The location – an old pasta factory – as well as a stylish electric guitar and drums provided rock atmosphere at the shoot.For the collection “ethno spirit” the young models on a road trip through France in an old red beetles posed. The jury was convinced after the photo shoots for happy size of your choice: “Michaela and Céline have definitely the stuff, to gain a foothold in the model business” so Stefanie Ullrich-Michalak, “we have two perfect candidates chosen to our new collections to shoot!”

Collections From The Television: Rock Romance And Ethnic Spirit

The rock romance collection on contrasts and combines them. Leather, rivets, destroyed jeans bounce on romantic elements such as lace, flowers and the Bordeaux-red color.

Casual, independent, adventurous – the ethnic spirit collection combines rich spice colors, art skins and prints from distant lands.