Xperia L’s Intermediary with Beautiful Design and Good Camera

Sony Smartphone also brings good battery duration.

With the 2013 line of Xperia devices, Sony has increased the variety of cell phones for sale in Brazil. Some features of the mark, as the whim and design and audio quality, are now in various price ranges.

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The Xperia L (R $700) is the simplest model of the new line that came to Brazil (composed also by Xperia ZQ and the Xperia SP ), and can be considered an intermediate device. He comes to compete with models like iPhone 4 , Razr D3 , S3 Mini , L7 II, Lumia 720 and others in similar price range. Check out the test.

In favour:

  • Nice design;
    • Good quality camera;
    • Great battery duration.


  • Less than 6 GB of space for the user;
    • Excess applications in memory;
    • Have trouble playing videos in Full HD.


Following the line of the most powerful Xperias, ZQ and SP, I bring a very nice design, trademark of Sony. The following is a more innovative line L, has a concave back and sharp corners, holding also the presence of warning LED more flashy than other brands let in your devices.

All in black (or white), it has some silver details around the camera, in the rear sound output, the power button and a frieze surrounding the entire appliance.

While the front is all glass, the back is made of plastic and has rubber finish not to slip from the hand.

This rear are camera, surrounded by an outstanding frame, microphone, flash, the Xperia brand, hole for pending and sound output.

At the top, just the connection of audio, as well as on the left side there’s only the micro USB connection. The front brings the screen, camera, sound output and microphone. It is relatively lightweight, weighing 137 grams.

On the right side we find the volume buttons, and the energy jumps on the side and is right in the Center, to be easily found.


The Xperia line screens bring their pros and cons. With the size of 4.3 inches, she’s minimally higher definition than standard, with 480 x 854 pixels and 228 ppi density. It is capacitive, multi-touch (up to four digits) and common, without TFT technologies such as IPS. The glass is antirriscos, but it’s not Gorilla Glass.

With 16 million colors, is a display that pleases the eyes. It is very difficult to see the pixels, and she has a good brightness, balanced and good color acuity. She does well in open angles, and the touch has great response. Under the Sun, however, the visibility is impaired.

Hardware and processing

The set of processing is balanced. The processor is not so strong, but has the support of 1 GB of RAM. Here we have 1 GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8230 Krait, with 305 Adreno GPU. It’s not bad to your value, and performance in tests was good. Of course it could be something a little better, with a 1.2 GHz processor or 1.5 GHz, for example, but the chip didn’t do badly in tests.

In our benchmark tests, he scored 10,704 in AnTuTu, similar to the first generation of Nexus 7, Asus tablet. The Vellamo, which measures internet performance, he made 1,476 points, note similar to the Xperia and Galaxy S3, not bad. The Geekbench 2, cross-platform were 762 points, similar to Galaxy Nexus.

For games, he did well, as expected (thinking on 305 Adreno GPU). The benchmark for gaming Epic Citadel, he came to 43 fps, a number of high performance. Also tested with Batman: The Dark Knight Risese Dead Trigger. Are heavy and games that require processing. And the Xperia L lasted very well with small stumbling at the beginning, but with optimum performance throughout the game.

In terms of connections, it has everything you expect from a smart of your category, and then some. In addition to Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n dual band Wi-Fi hotspot, GPS with A-GPS, Bluetooth and 3 g 4.0, it also comes with WiFi Direct, NFC and DLNA. On sensors, it brings, compass, accelerometer, magnetometer and light.

Operating system and usability

The XPeria L comes with the Android Jellybean 4.1.2, which is not the most current, but is in 4. x as many others. Sony has already promised update for all appliances of the Xperia line 2013, leaving only know when will the update. The 4.1.2 when modified by the manufacturer, has almost no differences to the newest, 4.3.

Sony mod is called Experience Flow, and let the Android with a serious face. The icons and letters are smaller, the visual itself is more sober, with full details, realistic icons. In General, the funds are dark and slightly textured, which helps in reading the small print.

The most famous services accounts (like Facebook, Evernote, Google and Twitter) are in the settings, as the standard of Android. The notifications bar has shortcuts for connections and actions, but is more discreet than the bar of Samsung appliances, for example.

The more flashy LED is also present in the Xperia L, but slightly smaller than in SP and in ZQ. Getting along with the silver band that surrounds the unit, the light appears only in a part of the bottom of the screen. Still, it is nice and useful. Depending on the colors, it is possible to know what the battery status, notifications which social networks were received, among others. It is the color of the pictures that appear in the gallery.

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In the settings you can configure some special functions of the Xperia line, like the MirrorLink, which allows the device to be controlled by some devices via Bluetooth or USB, as automotive radios, and also the Sony Throw, that allows you to play content from the device in other devices, such as receivers, smartphones, TVs and others.

Sony leverages the NFC device, which, in addition to exchanging information, allows interaction with various devices. Some TVs have NFC receivers in its controls, simply touch the smartphone to the content is shared. This also happens with speakers, backup and other plants.

On the screen, simply slide your finger from top to bottom (or vice versa) to unlock the screen. But there are also two buttons, one for music and one of the photo, that when dragged to the sides open the Walkman or the camera. If you are playing music, the lock screen displays a small and useful player.

The keyboard is good because, besides the keys are large and well spaced, there is the technology to write through the slip of the fingers (Swype). The word recognition and Automatic remediation work well. Its concave format is too good to be held in the hands, whether in one or both at the same time, to write. Both the horizontal and vertical, the Xperia L fits very well to catch, being very ergonomic.


Already known for putting a bunch of stuff in their notebooks, Sony repeats the experience on the Xperia L which brings no less than 48 applications already in memory. It bothers, because not all are useful for the user, and eat storage space that could be very important to other apps, more relevant to who buys.

In addition to the Basic applications of the system, Sony still puts some third-party apps: NeoReader (QR Code Reader), Facebook, OfficeSuite, File Commander, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter and Gameloft Games (the Games Shop brand). Sony’s own, Walkman, Album, film, Sony Select (suggestion of apps), Backup and recovery, Music Unlimited, Update center and Sony Xperia Blog.

Some are very useful, as the OfficeSuite and Backup and recovery, but not everyone uses LinkedIn and NeoReader, for example. The set also have more specific apps from Sony, like TrackID (identifies songs), Smart Connect (allows the programming of actions with some triggers, how to connect the headset) and the Xperia Link (thetering).


With 8-megapixel sensor, the camera of Xperia L did very well, with great image quality. Lose slightly at the edges, but took pictures with great colors and had good result in low light, with little granulation. The digital zoom is always bad, but until it got so bad with this camera.

Some of the reasons for this good quality are in the presence of the Exmor sensor RS mobile from Sony, and also because he rely on BSI technology on the sensor, which carries out an exchange of elements within the structure of the camera, so that she can get better the light beams.

That way, you end up being good for night shots, because they absorb more information. The macro, in General, has good details, just showing the face of 8 megapixels when increased.

On camera, he doesn’t have the Superior Auto mode we found of Xperia SP up, but has HDR and image and video stabilization. The other modes are Normal, Sweep panorama, scenes (10 different) and that film. There are also Photo Effect mode, which features nine very interesting effects, such as the partial color and the Harris Shutter.

You can adjust exposure value, resolution, focus mode (automatic only, by touch or with faces recognition), white balance, ISO, metering and other. Quick start tuning you can choose photo button behavior that, even with the screen locked, you can start a photo, video or just the interface.

The sharp design on the sides bothering you a little time to click that button, and you end up opting for the photo on the screen, even. Its front-facing camera is only VGA, but was enough to talk by video. Speaking of video, the rear camera records HD simple, with reasonable stabiliser and produced videos and with good sound capture.

Music and media

The external sound is very good, and has loud volume. At most you can hear sound distortions, but just down a bit so that the audio be clear and balanced. As in any small device, the treble stand out a bit, but nothing to bother. He has the xLOUD settings and Clear Phase, to improve the quality.

With conventional headphones that come with the box, the quality continues. Are not very high, but have great bass and treble and stereo balanced, not needing to be replaced. This good quality thanks to ClearAudio +, setting that really makes a difference in the songs. The LED does not blink according to the rhythm of the music, but stays on with the background colour of the album.

Meet four video players for Android

He reproduced in Full HD videos with great expense and some gagging, but had no problem with those in HD or standard quality. The widescreen display and colors offered make this smart a great media player. The sound for videos is interesting, and it’s enough, but with headphones is much better. It also has FM radio with RDS.

Battery and storage

Battery life of 1750 mAh isn’t it amazing how the Xperia’s SP, but is satisfactory. In a day of normal use, with Wi-Fi or 3 g connected without pause, with push mail and social networking notifications enabled, links, games and internet browsing, we had 18 hours. This is a good number for you to spend the day out of the House with him, and just recharge at bedtime.

With the Stamina, which modifies some behaviors of the appliance, the result was great. Were almost two days of normal use. Actually, Stamina was a revolution for Sony. Among the resources that we have a function in which the Wi-Fi connection just stay connected when there is a known network in range. Another keeps the data network switched off while the screen is off.

In the store, we have expected. There is an original space of 8 GB, but with apps that Sony along with the delivery unit, among other things, that leaves only 5.8 GB to the user. This is the same number of Xperia SP, but as the L is cheaper, it’s a size according to your value.

This means that you will not be able to pamper themselves in heavy apps and games downloads, but it may have all the most useful apps that you want. To store the camera photos, music and movies, you can use a microSD card of up to 32 GB for more memory. As the Sony devices are indicated for media, this is the ideal profile.

What’s in the box

The Xperia L box is different than we’re used to seeing. Looks like a perfume box, being high and with the lid on top. Inside we have the appliance, your battery, travel charger, USB cable, headphones with microphone and conventional button, Declaration of conformity and quick manual. Basic and sufficient.

Who it’s for

Those who do not have enough money for a more powerful smartphone or a larger category, will be interested by the Xperia l. is not because is below $600, you have to settle for less.

It was hard to find cons to this unit, which has quality in design, the camera and surpasses almost all its competitors in many ways. If we consider the S III mini, the L7 II and the D3, he wins with some off but, if compared with the RAZR i, he may lose in some questions.


Sony Xperia L C2104
Configuration: 4.3-inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels, Android system 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, 1 GHz dual core processor Krait Qualcomm Snapdragon, 1 GB RAM, 3 g, 8 GB of internal storage (5.4 GB available)+microSD card input, 8 megapixel camera with LED flash, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n dual band Wi-Fi hotspot, Wi-Fi Direct, GPS with A-GPS , Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, DLNA.
Dimensions: 6.5 x 12.9 x 0.97 cm
Weight: 137 g
Battery life: Up to 48 hours in stand-by mode/up to 18 hours in conversation and internet
Items included: handset, battery, manual, charger, and headphones USB cable.

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