Woven Necklaces: Tips, Templates, How to Use

The trend of craft employed in fashion is high. Footwear, clothing and accessories show that the countless types of materials that symbolize manual labors can be employed in different looks, without taking the elegance of any of them. The elements made with tissue (or that at least bring it in small details) can be included in this trend. Actually, it’s not today that tissue necklaces, for example, are fashionable. They are great choices for a more stripped look, without the elegance being compromised.

Fabric Necklace Models

The different fabric jewellery is also a form of reuse of leftovers from this material. You can customize different types of paste by creating inspirational templates. What it’s worth is the imagination. But it is also easy to find many models of fabric necklaces, in all accessories stores such as Ebizdir.

The maxi Fabric necklace is one of the models that have been very successful. The most common is the one that resembles a scarf. It is a good choice of use, both in winter, as in summer. If the climate is hotter, just combine it with fresh crawls, as the fabrics generally do not feel too hot.

For those who prefer more discreet fabric attachments, there are countless models of necklaces made with strips. They can be colored or not. When they are made with printed fabrics, the accessory is entertaining, but without overdrawing attention.

Different objects can be merged into the tissue. Beads, chains and other details may be in the models. There are also the necklaces that have fabric strips, forming large fringes.

Finally, there are necklaces that are made, using the tissue to cover the objects. They are more work in the confectionery, but they can also be easily found in shops. The variety is immense and can fit into the taste of each person.

Tips for using tissue necklaces

Who will make fabric necklaces or buy them ready should have attention with some details. When you use them, you need to balance the visual. The more colorful the accessories, the less the clothes. This rule is basic and prevents the look too much from being overloaded.

If you choose to use very flashy tissue paste, either by color or by size, it is worth betting on simple blouses. White, black races or that have one of the colours of the necklace are welcome.

Be careful with the collar model. Still, it might be hard to find some that matches too sophisticated clothing. This type of accessory is suitable for casual use, and can be used with diverse of your tops, simple dresses and even t-shirts. Just do not mix many colours and the visual will be balanced.