Workshop Teaches Women To Reproduce Vintage Hairstyles

Definitely the hair is an essential part in time to compose a retrolook. Depending on the hair can be identified automatically, time or style used as a reference. However, as women today no longer have the custom of elaborate hairstyles at home, like they used to, this task is not something as simple as that. Even the girls who follow the retro style can feel difficulties in producing a more elaborate hair. It was with that thought that Pedro Rodriguez and Julie Van Wilpe envisioned the workshop Vintage Hairstyles .
Despite the two friends come from different professions, the passion for vintage hairstyles the joined in this new venture. HELO is body piercer and maintains a Facebook page-Vintage Hairstyles by Bassam Piercer -, where retro hairstyles tips. Have your partner, Julie, is designer, model and second place in Miss Viva Las Vegas Pin-up 2014. Both are known in the world of pin-ups in Brazil by capricharem in visual retro, especially with regard to hairstyles.
“How many girls asked to teach them how to make our hairstyles, we join our brushes and laquês and pass our knowledge forward,” says Bassam, which displays a style inspired by the Mexican pin-ups. “Although we have already done some work in the area, this is not our trade indeed. But, it’s a hobby, a passion, that we take as seriously as our official jobs “, he adds.
The first edition of the workshop takes place next Sunday, July 26, at the Rockerama Club, starting at 12:00 and will feature clothes Bazaar. Located in the neighbourhood of Bela Vista, São Paulo, the home was opened about two months ago and follows the retro theme, inspired by the American diners of the years 1950. Vacancies for the course are limited and the registration fee is 130, with R$ including textbooks and raffle giveaways.
According to the duo, the workshop will focus on 8 main styles of classic hairstyles, which will be explained in theory and in practice during class. “We will start with a brief explanation on methods, materials and accessories and, soon after, the hairstyles will be demonstrated in models,” explains Bassam. “It is not necessary to take any material for the course; is included in a kit for vintage hairstyle, which will be delivered to the participants and a mini book with the same hair taught in the course, to help them keep training at home “, he adds.

Vintage Hairstyles by Pedro Rodriguez and Julie Van Wilpe
Rockerama Club-r. Rui Barbosa 401 | Bela Vista-São Paulo (SP)
July 26, from 12:00
Inscription: 130 R$ (limited availability)
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