Without Smartphones, Samsung Announces Sleep Monitor and Blu-Ray 4 K

To comply with the goal of making all its products internet connectable until 2018, the Samsung mobile devices left aside and focused on Internet of things.

Emily Nunes Corner/iG

Sleepsense connects to other smart devices of the house and records the user sleep activities.

No smartphone Samsung press conference at IFA 2015, technology fair that opens its doors at day 4 of September in Berlin, Germany. With the Note 5 already launched in New York with the S6 and the Gear Edge+S2 already announced, the South Korean company has decided to focus on what promises to be the next innovation: the Internet of things. This Thursday (3), the subject of Samsung’s pré-IFA Conference was the “synchronization of life”.

One of the highlights of the Division called the Smart Things the SleepSense, a device that monitors sleep with 97% accuracy. Placed under the mattress, it records the heartbeat and respiration, in addition to the user’s body movements, and delivery, in the morning, a night report. Not surprisingly, the equipment works with an application that crosses the data collected with the age of the user, among other personal information.


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Good example of what the Internet of things, SleepSense connects with other intelligent appliances to deliver a better night’s sleep for the user. He is able to perceive, for example, when the person starts sleeping, and turn off the tv that is connected on the same network, or change the temperature of the air conditioner. Other connected devices, such as thermostats, security cameras and intelligent lamps can also be synchronized with the monitor’s sleep. No forecast of when will reach the world market, SleepSense also monitors the user sleep to wake you up at the right time, with an alarm that is gradual, and give health tips created by a team of doctors.

Internet of things is also sound

Besides the SleepMonitor, Samsung has renewed your 360° audio line with three products connected, the R1, R3 and R5, which possess cylindrical design, and presented a dozen partnerships to boost your business of Internet of things, one of them with Volkswagen. Making use of the automotive industry MirrorLink connectivity, Samsung released the Car Mode for Galaxy, an application that works by touch or by voice command. In addition to the Galaxy line smartphones, the application connects to the new smart from Samsung, the Gear S2, to deliver a better experience to mirror of mobile devices in the car.

Blu-ray 4 k won a player

Also new to the House is the Ultra HD Blu-ray Player, or 4 k, of Samsung. Basically, the device is a Blu-ray 4 k, physical media announced recently by the consortium that promotes the Blu-ray technology. According to Samsung, the breeder provides images with four times more resolution and colors 64 times better than a Blu-ray standard. In addition, the unit is capable of upscaling, i.e. improving the media image that are not originally in 4 k. With an embedded system, the player allows the user to play back through the streaming video service equipment, such as Netflix, which already has 4 k content in your database. The product, however, has neither price nor availability, and needs a 4 k TV to work properly.

* The reporter traveled to Germany at the invitation of the Asus Brazil.

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