Winamp Has New Owner, Will Return to Resurface The Legendary Player of Music?

It can be that younger readers do not know too what was Winamp, but this music player was a phenomenon that is almost impossible not to associate with the rise of the MP3 format in the mid-90s. That development was able to be a star for years, but little by little its relevance was decrease.

The player has long been owned by AOL and AOL Music division, but the progress of that business made that their development was abandoned and the firm announced that it would no longer be available by the end of 2013. To end Winamp returned to be purchased by Radionomy but things didn’t move much, something that could happen now that Winamp has new owner: Vivendi Group.

When the Belgian investment group Radionomy is made with Winamp made the promise to keep the player, but since then there has been updates in this development. It is now Vivendi Group that after buying a majority stake in this group could again turn on Winamp and take advantage of this renowned brand.

Vivendi Group is already involved significantly different business multimedia and owns or has stakes in companies such as Dailymotion, Ubisoft or Deezer. In the press release which announces agreement with Radionomy It stands both SHOUTcast and Winamp, but they do not reveal data about the future of these two platforms. We’ll see what its new owner with them, and if at least the legendary Player update.