Why Men Hate the Shopping?

And ‘well it is known that men come from Mars and women are from Venus. And after a shopping trip together, the differences between these two worlds are decidedly more marked,

Have you ever wondered what they really think the men when we accompany the groceries? You know the suffering their expressions, their rumbling moans when they have to linger in front of some window? Who of us has never happened to look different male specimens sprawled on the sofas of the shops or (boring) waiting in front of a dressing room?

Means dozing between crutches, abandoned with stacks of packages in your hand or strollers to be monitored? Most of them snorts, some patients await their companions toying with mobile phone in hand, a (tiny) minority pulls out a semi-forced smile before.

With the imminent arrival of the balances, the situation is likely to deteriorate prematurely. Hands up who of us does not have a place even once this innocent question to her man: “Love, I accompany you shopping? Should I buy only two things in number ” (with the understanding that the number of two little things would have been much more ). But have you ever wondered why a seemingly harmless phrase as: “acciamo shopping? Will you? ”  Can have potentially devastating consequences male universe, such as suffering, sense of loss, nervous breakdown, panic?

Recently, the American company marketing Yankelovich has launched a curious poll. Interviewing more than a hundred volunteers of both sexes about how it is experienced by them shopping got a result that leaves no room for doubt. Are you curious to know the outcome?   For the 67% of surveyed women shopping is relaxing and exciting experience , in spite of only 37% among men who think the same way. This percentage is also intended AA drops to less than 29% if the target shopping are just clothes.

And then we make clever! If you really want to accompany us on a shopping trip from a male specimen, we plan some stops “strategic”. Not only shoe stores, clothing and perfume (maybe fitted with sofas): to engage our tour we also visit those of telephony, video games or technology.

A US company has investigated what are the attitudes and women’s expressions that irritate more men, causing them to hate shopping further. Who among us has never let slip phrases like: “But what did you love? If you did not feel like to come and take me, you could say “, or:” All my friends are accompanied by your man to go shopping. Because you do not do it willingly? “Or again: “Do you like what I’m wearing? I do not sound convinced. If you do not like, be clear “. Well, we know that men hate. Instead invogliargli to be more involved and engaged, we risk the opposite effect.

Women have a wider peripheral vision, with a greater ability to grasp the details. They move naturally in a store or the other, zigzagging without difficulty through the shelves of a department store. The men, however, have tunnel vision and  are less able to work out the details. A Californian study revealed how the males not only amino not buy food, accessories or clothing, but that this activity is likely to be so stressful that it becomes  a health hazard. Confusion, loud music, large spaces and an exaggerated choice are all factors that send tilt the male brain.

So it still makes sense to continue to insist, saying,”So let’s hurry” when we can enjoy in relaxing our tour Toilets alone or with friends?