Wholesale Dress

As I told you, the posts of Wholesale-dress.net are always the most requests. And with reason: I’ve been very surprised positively in all the shopping you did there.
Recently made a new request and I will show here for you parts I ordered!
I ordered the day 26/08 and got the pieces on the day 19/09, i.e. they took 24 days to reach, what I consider a term very fast, since they came from China. RS
Already advance that I loved all the pieces and I was surprised with the quality of them, since the price was super.
Here are the parts and the comments on them:
Structured Red Bag

Well, as I was looking for a red bag and couldn’t find one the way I wanted at a price that was worth, I loved run into this model from Wholesale, that is exactly how I wanted. First I thought I’d take this one, which is inspired in the Lady version of Dior, but I ended up opting for the picture, which is more casual. I have to admit I was a little afraid to ask. The price of it is as a friend (U $7.70) who wondered if it would be worth it (for fear of not being up to snuff or come with a different color or something). But I decided to risk it, just for the price be so inviting, and I was surprised!! The bag looks exactly like the picture and quality, considering the price, it’s pretty nice! Of course that doesn’t compare to a leather handbag, for example, but only for U $7.70 I couldn’t choose better! I love the size of it, it’s not very big as some bags I’ve seen around, but at the same time fits all in: wallet, necessarily, cell phone, etc. I’ve used a few times and she’s as good as new. Recommend!
Navy Blue Cardigan

This cardigan was more a piece I was surprised positively. Again, the price (only U $5.68) left me with a.. RS.. I was afraid of him getting small or be of those fabrics that are soft sweater type and quickly lose their shape and are wide. But, it is totally the opposite of that! The quality is wonderful, you’d find it easily in any Mall store. The tissue is of very good quality! Already the size surprised me, too, because he was kind of a big boy in me (not much). As the tissue is kind of sweater, he stretches well (but without losing the way), so I’d say he dresses sizes P and M Super recommend!
Another positive point is the variety of colors it: in addition to the Navy, it also has in pink, yellow, dark green, light green, in vibrant green, Red, watermelon and Black. Some of the colors may be out of stock, but keep an eye because they always reestocam parts!

Large sleeves coat

I love scrubs, I love large sleeves and I love the color pink-peach. So needless to say it was love at first sight with this beat right? And once again, it was a pleasant surprise to receive this top! I found beautiful! The quality itself is also pretty good, the seams are good, as well as the fabric. However, I found the fabric beem hot, since it’s polyester. I think it might be a bit thinner. Another point is not as favorable to her, even with liner, is transparent, so you have to use with a blouse underneath or with skin colored bra. The template itself is quite beautiful, but her size just wears p. She would be small (in the manga) who uses M and g. couldn’t find the link it in color that I bought, so I linked it in the same model, only in white color(which incidentally also is liiinda and it seems to me that the fabric is much more thin than pink). Found andsse model in color pink here like that too.
Well, I hope you enjoyed the post and help them learn more about Wholesale-dress! You can see the other posts about this store in those links here, here, here, here and here.
Any questions can also send me email:our site