Whats a Good Sleeping Bag for Camping

Nature has gradually for its winter sleep and you can save him with her – and her. Such a romance would have liked just škarohlídům needing always to the satisfaction of a luxury hotel. But just sleeping in the autumnal nature can be tricky. Although during the day and sometimes beautifully heat at night already temperature slowly but surely approaches zero.Therefore, you can not miss good sleeping bag, which affords you plenty of warmth and comfort even at these temperatures.

Sleeping bags on offer today really many, but even so it is fairly easy to pick one that will not leave you in the lurch. Just know what to look at when choosing. A color that is definitely not (unless you have a tendency to mask in the bushes).

A blanket or a mummy?

The first thing you should decide is the shape of the sleeping bag. Produced in fact quilt and mummy. Quilt are suitable for casual summer camping or sleeping in the cottage. For trips and expeditions they are preferable to the mummy. Quality can be two kinds of sleeping bags, but it depends on how you want to use.

Focus on the temperature or order the morning Unfrozen

According to European standard EN13537 each manufacturer of sleeping bags for each piece featuring three values ​​- comfort and extreme limit – all in degrees Celsius. Now the value of “convenience” would you be a basic guideline for the right choice. At this temperature (resp., By indicating the range), you should take a sleeping bag in a cool must withstand the normal thermal underwear, or in other clothes, but partly uncovered.

Value “limit,” he says, at what temperature, you will feel good, if a little přičiníte – more you dress, choose a suitable location (eg. Egg). This value can drive when choosing hardy men. Women who are more susceptible to the cold, the choice on that basis should not be carried out.

And finally, the value of “extreme” . It shows the temperature at which it is possible to sleep or stay in a sleeping bag without significantly endangering the health of the user. Not pleasant but it is not. Will you cold.

Feather vs. Synthetics – what is better for whom

Among the types of fill materials and dominates feathers and synthetics and among people again there is the question of what is better. For whom. Down sleeping bag shave better insulating properties, it can be easier to pack and lighter. Unfortunately, however, they are more expensive. Sleeping hollow fiber again dries faster and not so much difficult to maintain. And they are cheaper.

Sleeping bag in the fall? Winter or three-season

Producers of sleeping bags adapt their products to the seasons, so there are three species dependent on them: summer, winter and three-season. While summer sleeping bags are designed for warm period from June to August, in the winter you can sleep outdoors in winter and use them well even in late autumn. Three-season sleeping bag is adapted to everything and you can spend the night in it from spring to autumn. However, it is heavier and bulkier, which is his indisputable disadvantage.

Enjoy the beauty of colorful autumn nature and enjoy a sleeping bag that will impression of your expedition spoil. Do not forget to choose according to the temperature referred to as “comfort” and you will be well.


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