What to Wear with Jeans

Today we are talking about denim. It is familiar and appears in daily life, without it is unthinkable, not wardrobe. Pants denim can be used in all situations.

turn briefly thing of the past. The history of the jeans goes back long before the appearance of Levi Strauss, who played an important role in the development of denim clothing. It was he who created the famous fabric overalls. However, history spanning many centuries, until 300 AD. Ranskan city of Nimes, it was the first to invent a new canvas. Sitä called – Serge Nîmes. Before in this material are one and a half thousand years was used for jeans, it was used in the manufacture of canvas. Otherwise, it is worth mentioning that sails the ship on which Christopher Columbus went to India, was made by Serge in Nîmes.

In 1873, the famous Levi Strauss received a patent for the production of “ideal for strapless pockets with knives, watches and money.” By the beginning of the XIX century began jeans overalls miners and cowboy. They were much better than vintage leather, breathable, in addition, they are often subjected to washing.

But in 1960 was the boom of the last century – the real “denim revolution”. Before overalls won all the podium. Negasnuschy fashion and practicality jeans forever won the hearts of the capital’s fashionistas.

famous is the story of a material similar to the story of Cinderella, which accidentally hit the ball, but it soon became a queen, like sailing cloth became a standard fashion.

Often the girls are worried about “what to wear jeans?”. Do not despair, you can wear jeans almost anything, depending on the breed. Classic jeans is always relevant, and goes out of style, which makes this a versatile piece of clothing.

Trendy jeans with low waist – a favorite of young people in uniform, they can be slightly extended downward or baggy, straight or very narrow. Butkat – jeans, a bit smaller waist, they gently hugs the hips and slightly enlarged knee. This style is suitable for almost all ladies. What wear jeans race – it is fantasia. This is, if you can safely apply for a relaxed style, which is also considered a female and free.

Now we want to give some tips for different female figures. If you have ample buttocks – the purchase of jeans without back pockets; If pyshnotelaya – Buy well-fitting, comfortable pants dark color, without any signs of wrinkles and saggy, and if you thin – itself straight jeans low waist, straight cut. you have a little tummy? Choose jeans with high waist. turn the tide attention away from the hips will help narrow trousers that delimited. Because these suggestions, you can hide flaws and highlight image desired.

What to wear jeans? Yes, anything! Whatever T-shirts, blouses, tunics … Follow your intuition and sense of taste, if you are unsure of what to wear jeans with. If they are sure to make you feel comfortable and confident in any situation.