What to Wear to the Beach?

That’s it, you have found the swimsuit of your dreams. And your beachwear then? On vacation, it is not uncommon to take a walk along the sea or stop at a restaurant on the way. Better to be prepared for any eventuality. So, how we dress when we go to the beach?

Beachwear to women

On the beach, we put on a feminine but casual look. For this you have the choice! The beach dress is a classic, you can wear over your swimsuit. Choose light, not to get too hot, and colorful, to sublimate your tan.

If your suit is still wet, you can wear a skirt beach or tie a sarong around your waist. Remember to slip one in your beach bag. Trendy this summer, you can also opt for a beach tunic like physicscat.com. Wear broad and somewhat transparent on your swimsuit. The tongs are ideal to walk on the beach, they will not be damaged by sand or seawater.

A beach look out

You go shopping on the way to the beach, stop at a restaurant or continue with a party at the seaside? You can keep a beach look while being well dressed! A playsuit will effect: perfect for the season, you dressed all in lightness. This is undoubtedly the summer look.

You prefer the classics? Do not hesitate: a bare back of shorts or a denim skirt is a timeless outfit! Complete your ensemble with a straw hat and big sunglasses for a mysterious look.

And for your feet? Nothing like wedges or gladiator sandals!

What beachwear for men?

Men also have their selection of beachwear! The board short is very trendy this year.Practice, it is both swimsuit and shorts. Match it with a tank top or a shirt. You can also opt for a classic shorts or shorts, longer. The hats are in fashion this summer: spice up your outfit with a Borsalino straw. For the feet, nothing beats flip flops for the beach! They are ideal for walking on the hot sand.

Some tips for choosing your outfit

When choosing your beach clothes, always think practical and light. The goal is not to get too hot and not having to carry too many things. Think beach: sand slips everywhere, and may damage your clothing or accessories too fragile. You also may wet your Affairs, quick dry clothing will be more appropriate.