What Swimsuit for Your Figure?

Summer is fast approaching and with it the promise of swimming and sunbathing. This is the perfect time to choose a swimsuit. To be sure to find a model to suit its silhouette, we consult the little morpho guide very easy to follow.

Choose a swimsuit adapted to the morphology is challenging. How to choose the perfect piece that will put us in value this summer? Here is our little guide to be sure to put the ideal swimsuit.

A Silhouette in A

If you have a A silhouette is that your hips are wider than your shoulders. To rebalance all, opt for a high triangle or balconette bra for the more voluptuous breasts. To draw the eye up your body, why not splurge on a high fantasy with details lights. Below, we forget the tall and shorty and chose a low rise panties.

A Silhouette in H

When one has a silhouette of H, this means that the shoulders and hips are the same width. A morphology which sometimes gives the impression of an androgynous silhouette. To redraw the whole, we choose a two-piece with a low embellished with little bows on the side or a flying jersey. Top it favors triangular shape to break the rectangular side of her figure and forget the jackets.

Another option: a one-piece suit that puts the value neckline and feminine silhouette.

A Silhouette in V

If you have a silhouette V, called the inverted triangle is that your shoulders are wider than the hips. The challenge is to redirect the gaze downward and reduce the build. To do this, it sets its sights on a two-piece swimsuit with a bra in very wide straps. Downstairs is a fabric with low waist panties with ruffles or a shorty to give the impression of having more rounded buttocks.

A Silhouette in X

You have a figure in X? Your shoulders are perfectly aligned to the hips, with a small waist. Prefer V necklines and try a belted jersey bond girl style.