What is 3D Nail Polish

The fashion autumn winter 2016 is now available on the market. The colors fall winter won the chicks. It’s hard to even decide what you want to use, what you love more. And the glaze? The brands are launching great colors!

On that same season, the MD website showed the collection of enamels Impala São Paulo Fashion Week. An unprecedented luxury. Without a doubt, the enamel titled “in sight 3D” is the most successful collection. The elected to be the “nail polish” this week is the 3D enamel Impala. Metallic, 3D, full of attitude, style and chic.

My recommendation is use it to compose the attire for weddings during the night. The glaze is an important accessory in the visual composition.

To achieve that tone nails applied enamel layers 3 (answerresume). Very easy to pass and with an incredible durability. Honestly? I was in awe with the durability of this enamel.

To tell you the truth, it’s a glaze hard to take up with the nail polish remover (or acetone). You need to rub the cotton on the nail.

The color 3D Impala is the most successful collection. Won the “enamel” and promises to be one of the most successful nail polish of the season autumn-winter 2016.

I would now like to hear from you!
Have you ever used the 3D Impala? Liked it? Do you recommend any other?
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