What Do Not to Miss in Makeup

It is not uncommon to find women with a makeup that doesn’t match your skin tone or that simply is not harmonious. Even celebrities who have professional makeup artists also make mistakes in 1 hand sooner or later. Sometimes it’s not the amount of makeup and the tone of the colors and the way they combine with each other.

One of the big problems is time to buy the products. There are a myriad of brands and tones that can confuse in choosing what is best in our face. Who does not have the usual makeup suffers even more when choosing a make.

To make sure that doesn’t happen anymore, we have selected some tips that aid in time to put on makeup with harmony and without errors.

Tips to hit the makeup

-Base: it is very important to have patience when buying the base. The trick is to try to calm your skin related tones until you find the perfect color. In the summer, usually our body is more Tan the face, then a shade above will match the color of the face with the rest of the body. Always have a lighter base and a darker, one for summer and one for winter, so you can’t miss it in tone.

-Correction: one of the most glaring errors in time for make-up time to draw the concealer, especially in dark circles. Don’t overdo the quantity of the product and make sure that the tone of the concealer blends with your skin. Many women seek a correction below the your skin, but it can accentuate even more dark circles, giving an effect of “panda reversed”. In addition, the concealer too of course will highlight the blush, make very artificial.

– Powder: powder serves to fix the base, not to correct imperfections, so should not be used in excess, as it gives a heavy air to make. A tip is to pass the powder just in T region, to counteract the oiliness of the skin.

-Blush: blush gives a healthy appearance and coradinho to face, but you have to know how to use the powder. In addition to not abuse the quantity and tone, the trick is to get some hits on the brush before passing it on her face and always pass the blush in a circular motion and smiling, to highlight the apples and know exactly where to spend.

-Mascara: do not load too much mascara in black, he gives a heavy appearance. The lower lashes should not be very prominent. Avoid moves horizontally to avoid lumps to eyelashes.

-Eyeliner: delineate the bottom, do not forget to outline the top also. The risk under or just inside reduces the size of the eye and leaves a strange look on his face. Not to let the risk cracked, do not pull the eyelids.

-Shadow: it takes practice to pass two Shadow shades. If the colors do not merge, the shadow is forced and ugly. Use a bristle brush to smoke and allow the voluminous darker smooth so that it blends with the lighter tone.

Lipstick: always remember to soften the tones in the mouth if it is load in the eye and vice versa or makeup may be too heavy. Use colors that match your skin tone and moisturize the lips always, there is nothing uglier than a beautiful lipstick in a mouth dry and peeling.
-Mouth pencil:already have a few years to the contoured mouth went out of style. Use a pencil of the same color or transparent pencil lipstick, they guarantee durability of the lipstick on the mouth.