Westwing Guide Tosmall Table Lamp

Decorating includes many stages of makeup and, when it comes to coziness, lighting should have one of the main points to consider. For a room to be visually comfortable, it is necessary to think of strategic points of light to illuminate in different ways according to our need. A small lamp, for example, is a key piece to be placed on a bedside table or in any other area of ​​the home that needs a spotlight.

Derived from French, the word lamp means something like “dim the light”.It is called this because its function is precisely to provide direct lighting, but with less intensity than a pendant or chandelier, among other lighting elements. Small surfaces require small accessories and, in this regard, small lampshade is indispensable. Learn how to decorate with this complementary light spot with some punctual tips that Westwing has selected for you.Check it!

Shade Lamp In Decoration

The lampshade was invented just in small size to replace candles that were left beside the bed as direct lighting. Over time, the lamps became more and more modern and stylish, and with it came models of various sizes.

The small lamp remains, however, a very versatile piece for use in any room and on any surface, since it requires little space and shows utility in most spaces, especially bedrooms and living rooms.

In rooms, the small lamp is traditionally placed on the bedside table.However, this positioning is not a rule and the small lamp can appear on the desk, for complementary lighting during study hours, on a dressing table or on the side table .

Already in living rooms, a small lamp is perfect to be placed on side tables or sides that usually lack decorative objects. If well chosen, the small lampshade may come to become a remarkable element of the living roomdecor.

With the small lamp, the result is a more comfortable, cozy environment and, depending on the model chosen, the space can become even more sophisticated. How about learning to choose the model that most suits your home?

Tips For Choosing A Small Table Lamp

When deciding on a small lamp, other important items should be weighed before buying the first charming model, such as being sure that the item will harmonize with the rest of the decor style. A very classic lamp model, for example with Victorian details, may not be the best option for a modern decor.

A modern decoration, in turn, allows the small lamp to be colorful and even receive unusual finishes. Acrylic models with stamped or even flocked dome are bold and combine with bare visual environments.

Already a rustic room asks for a model of delicate small lamp like this aesthetic. Ceramic parts, hand painted and dome in light color are perfect. There are many ways to choose the lamp for your room.

Use creativity by experimenting with different combinations of colors and styles until you get the contrast that most suits your personality and decorating style. Get Inspired!