Westwing Guide Toled Candle

When we think of home decor we can not forget that lighting is one of the most important points in every room. It is responsible for automatically collaborating in the sensations created in the places and in what should be highlighted or not in the environment. For the creation of a romantic and cozy room, it is recommended to use the LED candle, simple and functional it will make your moments even more special.

The LED candle is ideal for use in all rooms and occasions, ensuring that the place is invaded by soft, indirect and delicate lighting. The part usually works with the use of batteries or batteries, which guarantee on average about 300 hours of illumination. Follow Westwing’s tips and transform your home decor even more by using LED candles.

Common Candle X Led Candle

When it comes to lighting and decoration, we know that everything is valid and extremely important for creating a good composition in the home. The lighting offered by LED candle or ordinary candle can be responsible for improving the decoration of the rooms.

By choosing to use ordinary candles in the decoration we know that the lighting offered will transform the environment in a unique way. However, to ensure the safety of the place and family it is important to always have someone around the items. The LED candle, as well as the ordinary candle, is ideal to offer a special and delicate lighting to the environments, because they do not have a flame but rather lamps inside, the piece guarantees evengreater security,  even if they are switched on at night or that remain in place when the house is empty.

Decoration With Led Candle;

The led candle can be found in different sizes, shades, materials and thanks to this can easily be adapted to all types of compositions and decorations.

In environments such as the living room or dining room, you can use suspended LED candle with the help of wire or shelves made of metal, wood or plastic. For a versatile decoration and that collaborate to create a special environment we recommend that the LED candle be made with one or more shades in one place, highlighting the room and a wall with more evidence.

Because it has no flame like ordinary parts, the LED candle can also be used outdoors, arranged on the floor, in the middle of the garden, inside Japanese lanterns  or even in the middle of a hanging vase, giving prominence to plants.

The LED candle is ideal for use in every home, regardless of the type of decor used in the rooms. Follow the Westwing tips and inspirations and have a harmonious and beautiful home.