Westwing Guide for Classical Pendants

Lighting represents a big part of the success of a decorative project, because it has the power to highlight certain points and transform an environment into a cozy, stimulating, tasty and modern place. The pendant is an accessory that has this capacity, since it contributes to the beauty of a room and, also, it dosa the lighting of the space. When defining the style of an environment, the classic pendants stand out for being elegant, refined and full of inspiration.

In addition to enhancing interior decoration, classic pendants have the power to change the perception of an environment and can be great allies in the task of decorating with Provencal, classic, modern or contemporary style. Want to know everything about the classic pendants? Westwing has separated several recommendations for you to choose in choosing and applying these beautiful accessories that are the classic pendant light. Get Inspired!

Decorating With Classical Pendants

The outstanding classical are lighting fixtures that can be used in various forms in an environment. Its elaborate and refined appearance blends in nicely with sophisticated furnishings and warm ambiances. If the room is large, invest in larger classical pendants with various details, and even have crystals. If, on the other hand, the space is smaller, outstanding simple classics help form an intimate and charming atmosphere!

A very tasteful option that has a beautiful result, just like the one obtained with the classic pendants, is the crystal chandelier , which, because it is a piece full of details and elaboration, is perfect to add a lot of elegance and comfort to a space in your home. A bright room with a crystal chandelier looks beautiful!

How To Choose Classical Pendants

Before investing in classic pendants you should first evaluate the style and composition of the environment in which you want to install this piece. If you rely on straight-line and contemporary furniture, opt for refined and detailed classical pendants. If, on the other hand, space cherishes minimalism, outstanding simple classics are indicated. Keep an eye out for the classic pendants that can not disturb your guests at adinner table, for example.

Materials Used In Pending

Generally, the classic pendants are made of steel or iron, with details in crystals. Some sophisticated models can be painted in silver or gold, which look great in spaces that excel in every detail. Delicate models of classic pendants are fabricated with fine fabrics and offer a lot of romanticism.

Room Chandeliers: Which Is Best?

The time to choose the chandeliers or pendants for an environment as special as the room is not the easiest, since there are numerous options available in the market. In order not to make a mistake in your decision, the best tip is to combine the decorating style of the space with the chandelier, as well as evaluate its size so that the piece does not become too large in a small room, for example.

A rustic ambience calls for chandeliers to wicker , straw and with more natural finishes, while a more refined space can receive classy pendants and crystal chandeliers .

The classic pendants add a lot of elegance and charm to an environment. Inspire yourself with our beautiful pieces and change the look of a room in your house!