Weekend Journal-Paradise Resort {Suite Jayram RAM}

To make up for yesterday’s post “hassles” moments that we spend on some trips, today I will show some of this last weekend was a delight!

We were once again at the Paradise Golf & Lake Resort. This time with a mission more than hot and special; host the girls in a thematic Suite of Jayram RAM and tell you about the experience. And for those who accompany me not long ago, has full post about the hotel with all your children’s structure HERE.

Stay in this suite is in fact a program for girls, because everything in it is playful and very romantic. The idea is that the girls feel at home, and can play and have fun leaving more free while parents are in the room. As one of the biggest hassles that step in hotel is when I have to get ready and take a bath and they shrivel up to exit.

This time was very different.

The room comes fully equipped with pretties of mouse Lilica Riplica. We were greeted with a welcome letter, the children’s programming for the weekend and a plate of Brigadier. And each corner something to entertain the kids; coloring, pencils and pens, books of various kinds a fluffier than the other, candies, lollipops, tv with dvds, and on the balcony tables with watering can and spider veins.

We got together with them in the room and put a cradle for the Manu. But the room is in conjunction with a suite if the parents want to be in another room. Imagine giving your daughter’s birthday 1 weekend with 3 girlfriends in that room? Who wouldn’t love him?

I’m going to show the pictures and telling how it was!

So we got one of the beds had a bathrobe and Slipper and the other sculptures with towels:

The Brigadier with the programming and detail of the closet sweet of Constance:

Manu exploring the room and the little things. Detail for the Minibar Pink!

Bruna reading one of the books (it has several and all very cute!). And also has a House of Lilica mounted for them to play:

Details of the nightstand with pink phone, pots and lollipops (everything from Constance), case with cds for children, coloring pages and crayons:

On the balcony 2 children’s tables, watering cans and pots:

And here the girls playing and sketching quiet ones after the bath:

Wanted to give a special mention to vacation in Paradise. In this summer season and in July the hotel always puts some attractions for the kids and investing even in recreation. This time besides the inflatable toys that always ride in a salon, put this incredible hop and it was fun for the girls, they just loved it and didn’t want to leave:

And to close with the weekend of warmth and Sun, to Bruna learned to swim alone. Something that I will talk about in the next post!

As always stay in Paradise was a delight, and end the post with this beautiful view, which is my favorite of the hotel:

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