Wedding Photography: Capture Every Great Moment Impressively

Wedding photos are unique images that captivate the most beautiful moments of a very special event: the marriage between two people. In most cases, it is a one-time event, in which many people participate. Each of the guests would like to remember the highlights in many years. Over the years, however, you need a little thought-provoking-and this comes in the form of wedding photos.

The Challenge Of Wedding Photography

If you look at the wedding photos of your parents or grandparents, you will find that there are so few of them that you can not create an album. They consist of a photo of the bride and groom and maybe some others with all or part of the guests.

Professional wedding photos were many years ago a rarity or a very expensive matter. Photographers did not have the opportunity to secure hundreds of photos on a memory card. Instead, each photo had to be planned and executed well.

With the advancement of technology the wedding photos also changed. Some wedding photographers follow the bridal couple like a faithful dog and catch every opportunity in a photo. The problem: A wedding is, as already mentioned, a unique experience. The bride and groom should be in the foreground, not the photos. The goal of the photographer is thus to shoot good photos, without being perceived by the bride and groom. This task is anything but simple.

New Trend: Photoshooting After The Wedding

This problem is one of the reasons why some couples decide against classic photos during their wedding. For them the planning of this celebration was already stressful enough, so that they would not want to expose themselves to further hustle and bustle.

This target group opts for so-called post-wedding shoots. According to wedding photographers of StareWeddings is photo shoots that take place after the wedding – regardless of location and date. With such a photoshooting, many stressful tasks can be avoided, which the bride and groom can spare during the wedding:

Guests do not have to wait forever

Clothing is not wrinkled or dirty

Poses are not stiff and unnatural

The post-wedding shoot does not necessarily have to be a substitute for the wedding photos on the day, because there is no. Much more, the photographer can reduce his photos of the bride and groom on the big day and devote themselves to the two as part of the post-wedding photoshooting. The bridal couple also get the rare opportunity to slip into their wedding outfit again. Furthermore the photoshooting gives the couple the opportunity to decide for unusual locations and photos that would otherwise not be possible.

Possible reasons for a post-wedding shoot:

less time stress

special place for photoshooting

Exercise a common passion

Photos should be a special hobby

The post-wedding shoot is neither bound to a place nor a time. Bridal couples can also take photoshooting after a year, if they want to. Or they take the photographer into their honeymoon (see next section) and can be photographed there.

Honeymoon Photoshooting: With The Photographer On Holiday

A beautiful alternative (or a modified way) to post-wedding photoshooting is the illumination of the bride and groom during the honeymoon. This unique holiday, which follows directly after the wedding, is a special opportunity to make unique photos.

During the honeymoon, wedding photographers have the opportunity to create special photographs that may not be possible at home or during the wedding via, for example on a cruise ship , in the Bronx of New York or an abandoned island. Of course the photographer does not have to follow the newly married couple at every step. If desired, husband and wife can also spend time alone.

Reportagestil: The Photographer As A Paparazzo

A relatively new technique of wedding photography is the so-called reportagestil: Within the scope of such a photo hooting, which is inconspicuous but lasts many hours and can even extend over days, real, emotional images are created, which captures the most beautiful moments of this event. Similar to a video, the photographer can use photo-portage to take special moments with several photos in sequences.

The bride and groom can capture pictures of the bride and groom before the wedding, for example during the final preparations just before the wedding, when the bride dresses up or the groom puts on his suit.

Trash The Dress: Good Bye Wedding Dress

If you like it especially unconventionally, the latest trend, Trash the dress, could be exactly the right thing . It brings a completely different tone into the classic wedding photography and is a stark contrast to the Princess wedding. Because in the framework of this photoshooting it is only one thing: Action.

For this action must also the dress of the bride to believe. It is soaked, stained and torn. Bride and groom can be photographed in the (or under) water, in the sand on the beach, in a puddle in the forest, or some other unusual situation. The result is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind pictures, which will continue to delight you in many years.