Wedding Cakes Decorated Tips

Adorned, colored or traditional wedding cakes are the protagonists of the matrimonial celebrations.

The wedding cakes decorated are indispensable for the festivities celebrating the marriage. They are tasty, beautiful and carry a powerful symbolism.

Meaning of wedding cake

The first wedding cakes were prepared in ancient Rome. In fact, the delicacy made by the Romans was a mixture of cake and bread, stuffed with nuts, honey and dried fruit. This sweet somewhat rustic used to be crumbled on the head of the bride and groom to bring prosperity and fertility.

The cakes with floors were made to marriage in the 16th century. This time, the art of confectionery was already well developed, which contributed to the creation of more beautiful and detailed finishes.

Each floor of the wedding cake has a symbolism. The first means undertaking the second marriage and the third has the sense of eternity.

In the 17th century, the French began preparing mis wedding cakes like that exists today. The dishes were rich in ornaments, had multiple layers and fillings.

Tips on decorating a wedding cake

Check out the following tips to hit the wedding cake decorated and you will get more information from BOOTHBUYING:

  • The party style is the most influential factor in choosing a wedding cake.
  • The white cake or with clear shades is the ideal choice for those who want to highlight the romanticism in the wedding party.
  • To be romantic, the cake can be decorated with sugar flowers or straps of fondant.

Wedding cakes decorated with Lacy appear between trends and represent a great choice to leave the main table.

  • If marriage has a modern style, then it’s worth betting on a cake with strong colors. The finish with milk chocolate is an interesting idea.
  • The top of the cake can be decorated with traditional wedding cake toppers or flowers.
  • Decorated wedding cakes usually feature white mass. If the idea is to let the recipe more incremented, so it’s worth betting on chestnuts and walnuts. The favorite fillings are: baba Lady, Damascus, dulce de leche and Brigadier.
  • When choosing the ideal wedding cake, it is recommended to consider the main trends of the moment, as is the case of the naked cake. Also called naked cake, he is on the rise because it has a rustic appearance and does not require the use of fondant in the finish.

Pictures of wedding cakes decorated

The following is a selection with 50 pictures of wedding cakes decorated: