Watchmaker Nomos Glashütte

The German watchmaker Nomos Glashütte can today compete with the Swiss competition. That was not always so. A time travel from the end of the Eastern bloc to the own propulsion system.

Design is a matter of taste.At least those who claim to be enlightened about the questions of life say this.In reality, the form of the things we surround ourselves with, of course, have long since become a world view: Grandhotel’s public will never have much to say about the design hotel crowd.Many providers of exclusive goods solve this problem by using every taste a bit – to wonder afterwards that no one wants to buy their products anymore.

Blöd in all this is: Just because the Gemurkse in the nowhere mostly failed, does not exist a success guarantee for manufacturers, which prescribe completely a form language.Roland Schwertner – the man who, twenty-five years ago under the company name Nomos Glashütte, among other things, published a mechanical clock called “Tangent”.If there is a world-wide supplier, the principle of riding every design to the maximum, then it is the Saxons: Bauhaus, three pointers and celebration were the beginning, in the meantime elements such as date and gear reserve indicator have added, only no flourishes ,Nevertheless, the company stood at the beginning of the failure.

After the collapse of the Eastern bloc, Schwertner was not the only one who swiftly tried to profit from the name Glashütte.Anyone who has ever been concerned with mechanical timepieces knows that if a pocket watch falls into the hands of a small town when it was cleaned in the 19th century, it could do many beautiful things from its counterpart to buy.In 1989 there could hardly have been anything left of the watchmaker’s magnificence, but the radiance of the name had not been able to wipe out a five-year plan and no political office.After a crazy ride by authorities, name rights, alliances and intrigues, which would have given many others to give up, Schwertner managed to bring four models into the market in 1992, whose sobriety convinced dealers.

A very different design comes from Ressence

The company quickly gained a clientele looking at the models of many competitors, as if they were only the toys of Loddels and speculators.No, with a “tangent” on the arm, one could also be seen in the philosophies seminar or architecture office : no yellow gold or brilliance far and wide, which had distracted from the craftsmanship in the interior – for the club of this kind of connaisseurs is guilty not to be blinded by externalities.

Meanwhile, it can absorb the inner life of a nomos watch with most Swiss competitors.In 2014, the company presented its own drive system, which is now largely independent of deliveries.The “Aqua” line, which was introduced this year, can be interpreted as a sign in the Rolex form of the case and figures. The latest manufactory is ticking the model “Club”, the watch is also waterproof up to 200 meters – and at 2420 euros cheaper than almost anything from Switzerland.Today Nomos Glashütte is the largest German supplier of mechanical wristwatches, with the jubilee clock “Tangente” as a backbone.And the leadership war can only fail because it is listening to all those who now claim that this success has been established right from the start.