Watches for the Home-Decorating Tips

When we are anxiously waiting for something, the  clock  seems to be slowing, and at the same time, when we are doing what we like most, the time is always very fast. I’m fine in this condition, because I’ve waited so long for the moment to review my family and now that I’m here, I watch the last days come to an end.

But thinking of decoration, while we keep our eye on time, watching the hands of the clock go against our will, we can at least observe beautiful decorative objects.

Watches are interesting complements in the decoration. I personally love the watches that carry family stories, antique and special pieces. But I also really like pieces with design and style. And you? What do you prefer?

What about vintage pieces like these?

How cool these pieces filled with good humor. I love it. From franciscogardening.

Design transforms objects into subjective messages. This butterfly watch is incredible. It’s almost a poem.