Watches for Specific Activities


If you want a watch for everyday use do not need too many functions, it is important to be a light but impact-resistant that you can give on the table or against the computer clock. Looking for a stylish watch that matches your usual style before opting for resistance at low price.


What to look for in a watch to go running is that it can measure distances and know speed and rhythm. It is important to have a long battery life. A watch with a good solar power system is a good idea if you go to sports day, and that will be automatically recharged.

It has to be waterproof so that it does not spoil with sweat or rain and the strap should be preferably of a breathable material that does not cause skin wounds. Important as a light clock, not too heavy.


When buying a watch survival you have to be clear about the type of activity that you are making. Watches G-Shock series is the most comprehensive in terms of functionality and technology, but think about it if you going to need all of them, because if you can not be a true contraption.

It may be a good idea to buy a lighter watch you do not mind when performing certain actions with the essential basic functionalities and comprate a separate compass. Whatever you decide, basic to survival is a clock that is flexible so that if you fall or have to rest your hand somewhere, the clock will not hurt you and not key in hand.



Series Casio Pro-Trek watches are specially prepared for this activity are very complete watches with compass, altimeter, thermometer and all measures to be properly equipped when out mountain technologies.

Important that your clock Trekking recharge with sunlight to avoid problems with battery charging. That is resistant to shock and vibration as probably the watch receives constant impacts.


When buying a dive watch you must be clear to the maximum depth to which you will submerge. All Water Resist Casio watches are water resistant, but not all serve for diving. The water resistance rating of 10 BAR has been tested with resistance up to 100 meters. It is suitable for snorkeling.

The water resistance rating of 20 bar has been tested with resistance up to 200 meters. This type of watch is suitable for free diving.

Looking for a watch with a dial to have a sufficient thickness to resist the pressure. He thinks that the clock must be perfectly legible underwater. You must have a powerful battery, as the watch under water can not be recharged with sunlight.