Wallcoverings Decoration

Discovering the secret of beauty is a great challenge.If in fashion the attempts of combinations of clothes is the main way, in the decoration the coverings have key role to evidence the home.

Taking into consideration the possibilities of investing in coatings that value the decorative style of the home, it will be possible to achieve absolutely fantastic results.

The apartment we will meet today shows incredible examples of the power that coatings have for the house. Designed by the Dominus Arquitetura office in São Paulo (SP), the home has integrated social environments, internal terrace, bar space, incredible home office and two bedrooms.

The different choices of coatings used in the environments range from brick in the dining room to the marble in the living room and are great practical examples of how excellent these choices are.

For this, accompany us on a pleasant visit, know the beautiful secrets of this apartment and inspire yourself to have an even more incredible home!

Modern kitchen and tile stamped in backsplash

We begin our visit knowing the beautiful modern kitchen of the home.The centralized island with black granite top brings elegance, practicality to the activities and offers beautiful set with minimalist cabinets in the background.Ceramic-coated backsplash offers an extra touch of space elegance, as well as gold fixtures hanging above the counter.

Integrated terrace, laminate flooring

In an area integrated with the kitchen, we have a small and pleasant terrace that takes advantage of the natural lighting present.The furniture with wood brings comfort and warmth to the natural texture of the laminate floor.

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Integrated bar with great natural lighting

The home has a dedicated work space and even has a small bar for happy hour hours.Space has in black and white combination its modern identity.The counter top coated with patterned wallpaper makes a beautiful combination with the ceramic wall in the background.

Dining room with brick wall

Going into the dining room, we have an environment with industrial-style influences, where the electrical installations are visible on the walls.The brick wall in the background offers the perfect welcome to the cozy atmosphere.

Living room with strip covered in black marble

The living room is especially comfortable and takes advantage of tones contracted to result in a modern environment.For this, the carpet printed with black stripes plays an important role, providing cosiness and beauty to the scenery.In the background, the marvelous black marble panel imparts unique elegance to the decor .Perfect!

Luxury TV room with black panel

Extending to the living room is the luxurious TV room.The bet in the combination between shades of brown and black values ​​sobriety and refinement.The sound system panel elevates the entertainment experience for all family and friends.

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Living room integrated with office

We now proceed to the office space where meetings eventually take place.There, living room, games room and office were organized with mastery.

The living room has on the sofa in L the main element of comfort.The black set with blue plaid adds special comfort to the residents.Further on, the game room with a billiard table ensures the mental comfort to avoid excessive workload.

Elegant and creative office

Inside the office , the decor with creative posters and the comfortable furniture add perfectly modernity and elegance to the professional day to day.

Industrial style bedroom

The masculine bedroom takes very good advantage of the elements of the industrial style in its decoration.The white brick facing makes all the difference in the personality of the place.

Female room

The feminine room has softer colors and distributed lighting with spots, adding harmony and lightness to the perfect space for rest.

Bathroom with slatted panel

Finally, we know the comfortable bathroom equipped with bathtub and TV.Relaxation is as complete as it is beautiful with the choice of a ripped panel to accommodate the monitor.After pressing the power button the channels, just leave in the lukewarm water foamed to turn off the problems.Beautiful, modern and incredible.

What did you like most about this apartment?