Vulcain Nautical Cricket (Video)

Montredo CEO Philipp Budiman travels regularly between Berlin and the triangle between the watchmaking locations Le Locle, Grenchen and Geneva, which includes the most important Swiss watchmakers. The Vulcain Heritage Nautical Cricket is a rare watch. Today he tells us how he came to this clock and what makes the Nautical Cricket so special.

Vulcain Nautical Heritage Cricket

The Vulcain Nautical Cricket is undoubtedly one of the most important classics that the diving watch genre provides. It was presented for the first time in 1961. At that time, Nautical Cricket was one of the world’s first diving watches with mechanical alarms and the first to penetrate a diving depth of up to 300 meters without any damage. If one knows about the limited metric of the watertightness indication in the diving practice, one tends to be unimpressed by these numbers. The Nautical Cricket, however, repeatedly maintained the Praxistest with all its thermal stress anomalies: it reached a record depth of more than 200 meters on Hannes Keller’s wrist even in the year of the market launch. The Swiss diving pioneer was also involved in the development of the decompression indicator, which should remind the wearer of an upcoming pressure equalization on ascent and descent according to .

Since the alarm sound was much louder than that of other alarm clocks, the Nautical Cricket is considered by many to be the first real alarm clock designed for underwater use. If one imagines that in the dark depths of the oceans the readability of the remaining dive time is a great challenge, the advantage of an alarm that is also audible under water becomes all the more apparent.

In 2011 the Nautical Cricket was reissued on the occasion of the 50th anniversary. The cricket caliber V-10 is largely based on the caliber design from then on, even on the smallest details.
A watch that reminds of the authentic charm of tool watches of days gone by, starting with the luminous dots in aged radium optics and the decompression indicator.