Vintage Couture Clothing

The concept of vintage clothing extends to those accessories and clothing that have at least 20 years of age. In addition, it is often good quality clothes and in an excellent state of conservation, and are therefore unique. Want to know more about him?

Collecting vintage clothing

Invest in unique pieces that have good quality became a very smart to invest the money and always be in fashion. The clothes are starting to view as a good merchantable quality: some pieces of Chanel, Hermes and Pierre Cardin, among others, tend to increase your value over the years. The value is directly related to the trends or events.

Buy vintage clothing requires great knowledge about fashion:it’s very easy to buy an original, but it takes a lot of effort to find an original piece of thirty designers or 50 years ago.

Some people collect just Haute Couture pieces in clothes. The Haute Couture began with Charles Frederick Worth, an Englishman who moved to Paris in 1845. The highest peak of Haute Couture was in early 1940. Are unique pieces made to order, a great job that can take hours until the product to be perfect.

When buying vintage Couture clothing our aim is not just of exclusivity, but also the quality. In many cases, goes beyond his own clothes, but you are buying a part of the “history of fashion”.

Tips on buying vintage clothing

Consider the quality of the product: before 1960, the quality was excellent, so you can find something a bit dear for being so well done. Before 1920 the clothes are not well preserved, probably.
Know exactly what you are looking for and how much it can cost.
Pay attention if the item is in good condition: fixed, sliced, if there is damage caused by insects, if the color or pattern are in good condition, if the embroidery, beads and sequins are complete. In addition, if you have bad odor and stains.
Mix the old with the new: you don’t have to use a full look of vintage clothing.

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