Vest: Learn How to Use This Trend

The vest is a garment that is doing a lot of success in the current fashion, because it gives a special charm to the look feminine. With it you can leave any visual simple more charming and modern, since it gives a distinctive touch to the look. In addition, the vest is a very versatile, since it can be used both in summer as in winter, and also day and night. However, the combinations must comply with every kind of occasion.

Vest for Women

Choose your favorite vest at so as not to miss in time of creating these looks with this piece of top. Some vests are very versatile, since they combine with all, but others not so much.

One of the most difficult to match all styles is the caddy. Already the vest of tailoring is the tissue more combines with various types of pieces and styles. To help you choose the ideal model, check out the following tips on how to use vest of different tissues.

How to use fabric vest

This is one of the most versatile of all models. The vest may have applications such as sequins and precious stones, prints or be completely smooth. The vest of many kinds fabric combines with virtually all parts of the female wardrobe. It can be used, for example, over dresses and jeans and t-shirt.

The model of tailoring is what else goes with everything, since it can be used even to make more formal casual looks. The trick is to use it with stamped parts for a more stripped down and modern. Additionally, bet on more structured and elegant pieces for a more harmonious.

How to use denim vest

This model of vest is very youthful and modern, and with it you can create different looks for the day to day. However, what changes in this model is washing the jeans, which can be lighter or darker, and have different shades of blue. For a more stripped down, the tip is to bet on bolder washes.

Because it is a more informal part, the tip is to bet on combinations with other jeans, plus t-shirts and dresses. To complete the look, the flats and sneakers leave the younger look and modern. To innovate in visual, bet on jeans jackets with textures more deprived as prints and rustic fabrics.

How to use leather vest

The leather vest combines best through the winter, but can also be used in summer with lighter parts. But not to err in the production, you need to know how to use the vest properly. The black piece is ideal to create looks rocker, already the most clear or colored vest is ideal for creating looks more fun and cheerful.

This model also combines with pieces like jeans pants and jeans skirts. But to create summer looks, the best option is to bet on lighter dresses and printed fabrics. To obtain a more elegant by using the leather vest, bet on a maxi necklace and high heels.

How to use fur vest

Many women want to know how to use collect in winter. For this season, the best model is the fur, since it’s very warm. This makes the vest model looks much more elegant winter and sophisticated. To make combinations in winter for the day to day, combine the piece with pants leggings and boots. It also combines with leather pants, skirts and dresses.