Using Large Earrings

The fashion of large earrings already permeates the feminine look for some time. It is not today that women like bold accessories and really to have a relevance in the visual, so the maxi earrings are so successful. What was trend has become routine, and large earrings now can not miss the jewel door of girls and women.

Using Large Earrings

For those who are thinking of investing in large earrings in the nearby shopping, know that there are many rules permeating models: you can use everything. Worth more or less large, touching the height

Using Large Earrings

A few simple rules can help in the composition of the visual. One is to avoid excessively long earrings studs if you have a short neck or too short hair. Minors are most suitable not to sin by the exaggerated look. Too big ear? Also flee the maxi earrings, especially if they touch the shoulders and you have too short hair and is wearing long-sleeved blouse. Weighs in on visual too.

Large earrings combine more with sleeveless blouses and shoulders show. It is a matter of letting each item in its place, every detail has its position in the visual. Imagine wearing a shirt printed with ball and maxi necklace with shiny stones going to the shoulder. It seems exaggerated just thinking, is not it? The proposal is that at the time of forming the visual. Each thing in its place, without exaggeration.

What should be avoided: maxi earrings with high necklines, maxi earrings with maxi collars in the same look, drop earrings with tulle or colored clothes, maxi earrings with colored stones with an animal print prints, maxi earrings with chokers.

The maxi earrings are the most current, the latest trend in jewelry and costume jewelry. The tip is to opt for models with different work and mix of materials such as stones with lines and tissues. But models only noble metals are always very well accepted, especially if they are colored because the current fashion calls for a great mix of colors and shades.

The rings are always in fashion and are a good investment for those who love discreet earrings. They are good tips rings of precious metal with stone (gold, silver and white gold) or rings with precious stones intense, all encircled with diamonds, for example.

Both expensive models to the cheapest (jewelry) serve for all types of occasions and are always tend to be neutral.

The earrings drop are also great investments to be neutral, combine everything and timeless. It is a good tip to invest in drop earring models in silver with marcasite or colorless stones. The more neutral the color, the more combinations are possible with the various articles of your closet, both for the day and for the night. Earrings drops of silver with black stones are luxurious and great for the desktop. Old gold is also a great investment for the routine as well as copper.