Trends, Models, Pictures of Swimwear

Learn all about Swimwear 2016: trends, models, Photos. This season, women can innovate in the composition’s look praiano, betting on modern, comfortable and beautiful pieces. The main news for the summer were presented in the major events of the fashion world, as is the case of SPFW.

The swimwear 2016 is full of news, especially with respect to modeling, colors, textures, prints and finishing. Bikinis and swimsuits models arrive in stores with the goal of enhancing the tropical universe and valuing the different styles, and you will find one from HAWTHORNEREVIEWS.

Swimwear 2016: Trends, Models, Pictures

The world of Tribes have chosen some tips of Swimwear 2016: trends, models, Photos. Check out:

Handmade Details

If you like wearing bikinis with handcrafted details, then this is the right time to get him out of the wardrobe. In the summer 2016, the Brazilian beaches will be taken by crocheting, knitting, lace and screen applications. The goal is to enhance manual labor and leave the look with a custom air.

Differentiated Cutouts

If until recently women were content with the triangle top bikini, now they are not content anymore. New clippings are gaining prominence in swimwear, such as Trapeze, Halter, and even shoulder turtleneck.

Palm Trees And Geometric Prints

In summer 2015, women surrendered to the charms of the pictures with large flowers and foliage. In 2016, however, the fashion highlights the use of geometric motifs and das palmeiras, in different proportions and colours.

Body In High

If you are tired of wearing a bikini in the summer, so it’s worth betting on Body. This piece was present in the parades of major brands, such as Salinas. Give preference to models with geometric prints and you will be super trendy.

Capri Pants

The capri pants, which was kind of forgetful in the fashion world, promises to replace the fluffy dress or even the traditional beach items. The main feature of this piece is the length at the time of cinnamon.

Sober And Military Tones

When it comes to fashion summer 2016, people usually think of bright colors and, as in the case of Orange and yellow. However, the next season is a little different: it highlights the more sober colors and shades of moss green.

Now you know all about Swimwear 2016: trends, models, Photos. Keep the world of tribes and see other articles about looks for next season.