Trade Fair Of Toys: This Weekend In Sao Paulo

Your family’s schedule for this weekend? If not (or if so, but if you have a free moment in the schedule), you can’t lose two trading Fairs of toys that will happen in two distinct points of the city of São Paulo.

The first of these happens today, Saturday from 10 to 1:00 pm in the EMEI Gabriel Prestes, located at Rua da Consolação, 1,012. This initiative is part of the turn education event that precedes the Virada Cultural and that promote interventions on Roosevelt Square and the surrounding schools and whose goal is to promote the opening of schools to the community and the integration of students with these communities, as well as the exploration of the possibilities that the neighborhood offers.

On Sunday, day 18, the toy Exchange happens during the SlowKids, free event which is part of the Cultural Turn and which will be held in the Brazilian House Museum.

According to WHOLEVEHICLES,the programming of SlowKids, which starts at 2:00 pm and continues till 7:00 pm, will feature, in addition to the toy Trade fair, with the presentation of the music in the family and the band Alana, and with activities such as storytelling, workshops and games. All the fun, children’s education and awareness.

Entry to both events is free and to participate in the Trade fair of Toys just take one or more toys in good condition.

These trade fairs of toys are interesting because Exchange toys can be even more fun for children who just walk into a store, grab one of the hundreds of choices of shelves and pass in the box. When exchanging an item by another, the child learns to appreciate what you already have, meet other kids and discovers a new value for your toys. To promote this initiative the Institute Alana * created the fair exchange of toys that already happens in various parts of the country for a long time.

You also want to organize a toy Swap with friends, family, neighbors or acquaintances? Then understand how to:

On the site it-your, Alana offers a walkthrough to help parents and do your own toy Exchange fair. The organizers may send information to Alana and thus compose the great map of fairs throughout the country.


The Turn Education Exchange Fair

Date: 17/05

Opening hours: 10:00 to 1:00 pm

Location: EMEI Gabriel About-Rua da Consolação, 1,012

Free admission

Trade Fair In The Slow Kids

Date: 18/05

Opening hours: 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Location: Brazilian House Museum-AV. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2,705

Free admission

Alana Institute is a non-governmental organization, nonprofit that works on several fronts and has as mission to honor the child. Their projects are based on the sensitive look to the childhood and the recognition of the potential of the various languages of the child, in particular the non-cognitive. The activities of the Institute from direct action on child education until a legal work and advocacy for the implementation of the rights of the child. Information: