Tips to Have Fun at Beto Carrero

We meet the famous Park Beto Carrero World, in Santa Catarina.Considered the best Latin America theme park and 11th best in the world by readers of Trip Advisor, the Park is really well done and a destination for fun, small and large, the whole family! Just as Disney World is focused on your founder, Beto Carrero World is also inspired by the personality of your Creator, who was the lover of horses, and loved farms and cowboys.

The partnership with Dreamworks and Universal Studios leaves the park with more attractions and options linked to films and drawings that the audience hears. The comparison with the Orlando parks is almost inevitable, but Beto Carrero leaves nothing to be desired in terms of fun! The area is great, have toys for all ages, it’s clean and with employees motivated and smiling makes us get in the mood. A stroll worth, with or without the dollar through the roof!

What are the best days to visit the Park?
As expected, the Park fills up on weekends and holidays. But it gets crowded even? Stays! With rows of 1:30, which I find torture, both for adults as kids, mostly. We had the opportunity to experience the Park on a Friday and a Saturday and the difference is amazing! From the parking lot, past the box office queues, queues in toys, restaurants, etc. On Friday (outside school holiday period), the Park was tranquilíssimo: we had time for everything, we spent on toys and we immediately repeat several of them.
If you don’t have option and have to visit the Park on the weekends or holidays, the Fast Pass exists: a bracelet sold separately (by the site, in self service kiosks, the box office or in toys that offer this facility) and that has priority for 16 hits to toys. The prices range from R$84 to R$104, depending on the season. Children under 1, 20 m and people over 60 years old do not pay this extra.
Tip: despite the Fast Pass have limited sales, I would leave to see how the Park is filled on the same day, since the bracelet can be bought on time. Or, if the visit is made in two days, you can get a fast pass for one of the days. A good time to take advantage of the most popular toys is at lunchtime and at the time of the great shows (like fast and furious, for example).

The visit can be made in how many days?
You see, it all depends on your group, if you have minor children, bigger or even with varying ages. If the visit is done during the week or weekends and vacation periods fuller… And it all depends on your pocket too: tickets for a day or two days?
Of course it is better and more comfortable visiting the Park in 2 days. But it has enough attractions to this? There are more than 100 attractions for all ages. And the Park is well done because it is large, full of points where to stop to take pictures, with shows during the day, zoo, 4 d movie … that is, it’s not just the toys specifically. The Park has a lot to see and do! The shows, for example, is almost in a row! It is better to divide them into 2 days. Always check the timetables upon arriving at the Park because on the weekends and holidays, have extra sessions.

We were lucky enough to get a promotion in June, with the purchase of a ticket for a day and second visit free, still, I couldn’t see and do everything. Notify if always on site and FB page about the promotions.
A group with young children and during the week: 1 day may be sufficient, because many extreme attractions will be left out.
Ditto a group with older children and during the week: 1 day may be enough, because lots of toys for children will be left out.
A group with varying ages: in this case can complicate a little, because the extreme areas and small are on opposite sides and depending on of the queues, the time will pass quickly. Won’t be able to see and do everything. Best program 2 days.

What do you have for children?
If you are with children, entering in the Park start at left side, the Triplikland, which is the area where the best toys for younger children. They can get into a lot of things like Ferris wheel, crazy cups, pedal boats, flying elephant, bumper cars (for kids above 1.10 accompanied by adult)…

This side is also the German Village, Laxmi, thematic and photogenic, well where’s the restaurant with themed show Excalibur and a shop opposite where the kids will want to buy at least a sword ($ 15), and in the background, Tigor Mountain, a mini roller coaster for children above 1.10 cm (accompanied by an adult).

The pirates ‘ island is full of discoveries, with suspension bridge, House of mirrors, caves, points to take pictures, and a pirate ship for children over 1, 20 m.

In front is the Raskapuska which resembles the “Small World” from Disney: a quick circuit of boat that passes for environments with dolls and ending at the end with a slight thrill that doesn’t quite wet, don’t worry!   Be careful if you are allergic, because it’s nice and damp. Deep down, another roller coaster for smaller children, the Dum Dum and Cinema 4 d, this for children over 1, 10 m. This area also is the Blum show which is very poetic, full of bubbles and other surprises with jugglers and climate of Cirque du Soleil. A good time to take a rest.
We’re coming in the Animal world (Zoo), at the bottom of the Park, with elephants, giraffes, chimpanzees, Tigers, Lions and even the rare breed of White Lions, with the lioness that was born in the Beto Carrero. Will the taste of each, but this area seemed less interesting. The animals are not mistreated, but confined. The spaces are not great.
It’s more fun to leave soon for the thematic area of Madagascar, well decorated and colorful, where has the Circus Show, very lively, with characters from the Dreamworks: the lion, Hippo, giraffe, King Julian and the penguins … and toyMadagascar Crazy River Adventure, which you leave wet. So it’s good to take a raincoat or heat to dry.

Then comes the Dino Magic, where we do a locomotive ride through the Tunnel of the serpent, by Jurassic landscapes with dinosaurs, and until we are attacked by cowboys bandits!
It also has the the fast and the furious, in partnership with Universal Studios. But make sure that small children are into cars, motorcycles, noises (very tire singing) and emotions. Some get scared or even a little bored, despite all the excitement that the announcer puts it. Depending on, this show is more for adults and older children.
At the end of the day, has the Cowboy Show, in the area of the old West, a musical in honour of Beto Carrero, which is fun but pretty long. Add to that the stress of the day … and a lot of people come out before the end. To not to get in the output queue in the parking lot, because the show ends at the closing of the Park.

All these toys and shows are included in the price of admission, but in addition to these, still there are optional paid attractions aside, how Extreme Kids (trolleys), Bubble Adventure (a giant ball in which the child enters and runs on water), Adventure Kids (a playground sort of Mall). With average prices of $20/$ 30.

And we can’t forget the pictures with characters! Children will enjoy taking photo with Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, and the gang from the movie Madagascar. They appear in different places and times that should be checked on arrival at the Park.

What do you have for older children?
Now, if you have older children, start at the right side: the area Radical Adventure, concentrates the toys that will appeal to radicals and those who like strong emotions. Has the Star Mountain (for more than 1, 20 m), which is relatively quiet because there are no loops (when the cart is upside down), but only turned sides, into a tailspin.

To the side, the FireWhip (for more than 1, 30 m) is pure adrenaline, with 5 (FIVE) loops and with the body safe but with loose legs, which causes more excitement!

Not to do 2 roller coasters in a row, merge with the Free Fall (of 1, 20 m), an elevator that “falls” from a height of 50 to 90 km/h. Next, to resume the senses, try Tchibum, a circuit on a log-canoe with a descent that ends up in the water. As well as the Crazy River, which we’ve talked about before, this toy wet, so it’s nice to have a raincoat to park. The Big Tower(for more than 1, 30 m), along with the Fire Whip, is perhaps the most extreme attraction with a fall of 100 m!

If you are with child or you don’t like emotions and need to leave it with someone while having fun in the area, there is a “Drop Kids” (for 2-10 years) before reaching the Star Mountain, at the entrance of the Radical Adventure. He is payable separately, R $50/child and is a huge playroom with monitors. The child can fantasize, draw, play hop, kitchen, TV. The area seemed quite safe, but only applies to desapegadas children who play well on their own and if they stay at least 1:00 since the price is expensive.

It may seem that there are fewer attractions for the older children, but the queues for these toys is also much bigger. And there are things and that the biggest attractions will also be a walk in the Park, enjoy and take lots of pictures in the thematic areas of Madagascar, German Village and pirates ‘ island, back to be (more) child in pedal boats or stroller bumper cars, being robbed on Dino Train by bandits, riding a giant wheel or cable car.

After the thematic area of Madagascar has the Monga, the Gorilla woman, a presentation full of special effects or thepirate ship of the pirates ‘ island, a boat that goes up and down horizontally, provoking laughter and Tickle in the stomach (if you want to with strong emotions, stay in the last rows, fore and aft).

That is, even outside the area, there are a few scattered attractions for the elderly. In the end, is a park that merges the attractions for various ages.

They will also enjoy the shows of Madagascar, Blum, Excalibur and Cowboy’s dream.

Here there are also paid to the attractions such as the gate of Darkness (a House of terror), R $20/person orManagement R$41/person.

And at lunchtime?
There are dining options for all tastes, from snacks, sandwiches, pizzas and snacks through pasta, Chinese food, Steak House or free buffets. The food court is pretty big, with lots of options. It seems the food court at the Mall, with the same type of supply, confusion and noise.  But to counterbalance, has a Venetian Carossel in the middle which is quite beautiful. Worth a ride with the little ones. Even if you stop by there just for that. The prices are not cheap: around $30, no booze.

If you want a quieter option, you can choose restaurants that are in other areas, like the village German Bierhaus, which serves German cuisine or the cafeteria next to the Free Fall toy, in the extreme, that overlooks the bucolic Lake.

If you want a lunch with show, don’t miss the Excalibur, where you will live a medieval adventure, with knights who fight while you eat lunch and hope for your Knight. Having already seen some medieval festivals in Europe, I was not expecting anything from this show, but the kids loved it! It was so much fun! It’s worth it. To view my photos on instagram, some readers have commented that it’s like the Medieval Times of Orlando (I don’t know), with the difference that here you eat a dish made with rice, beef, chicken, French fries and vegetables of fork and knife and not with your hands! Tickets for the Excalibur are separate and can be purchased through the site. Cost R$59/above 10 years and 4 to 9/R$45 years. You can choose between the hours of 12:00, or even 2:00 pm 6:00 pm (the show lasts a 50mn).

Another option of lunch with show is at the opening of the Park goes to the Restaurant the fast and the furious and reserve a table on the porch. You will see the stunts to close. On the other hand, will also have more access to the strong smell of burnt tire and the noise. Try lunch before the show which starts at 1:00 pm, so during the show will be in coffee or drink.

Another option is to eat inside the restaurant, which has a glass wall, so you do not have the strong smell. The problem is that you cannot reserve, so you have to arrive early to be able to sit and even choose the table closer to the glass to see the show, especially if you are with children. The priori, everyone sees well, even the tables of the Fund because during the show no one can stand.

The menu are hamburgers or dishes of beef or chicken. All great and well served; You can split among children. R$23 the Menus R$37 (with fries and soda).

Tip: as we visit the Beto Carrero in 2 days, lunch each day at a concert, so the kids had a good time!

For lunch, there are several kiosks with popcorn, hot dogs, etc. The bottle of water cost $4 and you will drink enough during the day might not seem like much, but the Park is quite large and you will be too! Normally, in accordance with the rules on the site, you cannot come in with food and drink in the Park. But, I didn’t see search the scholarships. The intention is not to come in with a lunch or picnic, but you can get a bottle of water for the children, a packet of biscuits or fruit.

If you’re having babies, you can take the food for them, because there are nursery with micro waves. And if you skip food or is in trouble, has a pharmacy in the park that sells pots, milk and everything you need.

What other services are available?
-The parking lot is at the entrance of the Park in front of the castle of Nations. R$40 costs (I found expensive!) and have to be paid in cash.
-At the entrance, after going through the box office, you will find on the left the rent of carts (single or double) and electric scooter. Renting a cart only costs $ R$45/daily + deposit. For the first time, do not take stand for our daughter who has completed 5 years. She was all easily and is fairly balanced with shows and moments of rest. But for a minor child, it’s worth having cart.

the castle of Nations (the main entry), you find banco Bradesco 12:00 am, luggage box (payable separately), self-service kiosks for buying tickets and fast pass. ..
– There is a pharmacy right in the middle of the Park, next to the Cinema 4 d. It offers the same products outside the Park, so has the main remedies, but also everything you need for a baby: diapers, baby wipes, baby food, milk, …
-In the same area is the Cottonbaby Nursery, excellent, with the rest room with beanbags colorful and TV, fully equipped kitchen with lounge chairs, microwave, fridge, mixer, exchangers and cot for a NAP. Ali also has stands for rent, so you don’t have to go back to the entrance of the Park, if you have changed your mind.
Want to surprise or visit different?
Know what birthday boy doesn’t pay ticketthrough identity with original photo. In days of Parc Fermé, the birthday boy can go the day before or after the anniversary in the Park is working.

At the entrance of the Park, before entering the Castle of Nations, you can mark a helicopter ride that flies over the Beto Carrero, Red Beach, Praia Grande, Trapiche and Armação Beach and lasts about 6 minutes. It costs $120/person and needs 3 to paying 4 to take flight.

Another good experience for lovers of cars is driving a Mustang, a Corvette or even a Lamborghini or Ferrari! Costs from R$290 to drive the powerful by 8. If you work for a larger child, she can go on the ride from R$90. And if child under, she can get inside the car. It costs $20.  The Super cars stay within the castle of Nations, on the left, before the box office.
And of course, lunch at the Excalibur or the restaurant of the fast and furiousduring the presentation.

Where sleep?
Beto Carrero World is in Penha, 8 Km the Navegantes airport.


You can sleep near the Park, but the options for there are quite simple. It is better to be by car because there are no good options, so their own Hostels often offer half board or see even the pizzerias that deliver. The $ $ $ Pottery Village Hotelhas large rooms, quadruple rooms, swimming pool and playground and you can walk to the Park. Another Hostel enough cited by households travelers is the Home of Luigi, simple but cosy, with excellent breakfast and transfer to the airport and restaurants.

Stay near the beach is nicer, but in this case, it’s nice to have a car or make sure the Pousada or Hotel offers transfer to the airport or Park or you can order a taxi. The most cited by households is the Pousada Pedra da Ilha, Jolly Beach and outdoor pool and covered. The Pousada Canto of the watch is also facing the beach, but in quieter spot, out of excitement. Quadruple rooms. The Pousada Tension is not standing in the sand, but has a beautiful view and pool. It’s new, modern, has large rooms for families of 4 or 5 people. The Quinta da Baleeira has new rooms, large, with mini bar.In addition, swimming pool and good breakfast.

Another option that many families do is stay in Balneário Camboriú, 40 mn drive from the Park. Beto Carrero closes early, toys stop at 6:00 pm, so it’s not so tiring. So, you have more options for good restaurants and tours such as theUnipraias Park .

There, we recommend the Ibis Styles Balneário Camboriú, simple but again, nice, colorful, with rooms for families of 4 people and all thematic the beetle. Children will enjoy (see our post from there)!
And for a luxurious accommodation, you can opt for the $ $ $ $ $ Infinity Blue, an all inclusive resort with SPA, on the beach of loves.

Worth a rental car?
It all depends on where you’re staying and your programming. From Navegantes airport until the Penha, like five miles, close. After, or you stay in a hotel that you can reach on foot in the Park, or stay at Penha even, near the beach, and taketaxi or transfer . If you choose to stay in Camboriu, 38 km distant, it is best to rent a car from the airport.
We choose to rent a car from the airport by Rentalcars, because we stayed 5 days and walked for Blumenau, Pomerode, Camboriú, besides the 2 days at Beto Carrero. Our rent for 5 days was in R$245 by a small car for 4/5 people, with all insurance and Km free. We got a Hyundai HB20 again, with less than 10,000 Km. Adding the R$40/day parking in the Park (attention: in cash!), the $20/day of parking at the Hotel and $120 for 5 days, gasoline was cheaper than budgeted transfers and better for my family, because it offered more freedom.