Tips on How to Wear a Hat at Weddings

Have no doubts when choosing this accessory so charming!

The hat is a very elegant accessory and a great option for daytime weddings, but, in order for it to really be in harmony with the whole context of the celebration, one must take into consideration some criteria to then choose the most suitable model. The material, the model, the color and even the shape of your face can make the accessory match much or nothing with you.

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The first tip of the stylist Maria Lucia Acom is to observe the style and the schedule of the ceremony, since the model of the hat for a wedding in the morning may be different from one that will be used in the evening, because the intensity of the irradiance of the sun changes And the hat has the main function of protecting you. On cloudy days and with light drizzle, the accessory can be used, but if it is raining the suggestion is to dispense it. Also, when the sun starts to set, it is time to store the accessory, and you can find more information from Sacramentomart.

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And whoever thinks the hat needs to be the same color as the dress is wrong. Maria Lúcia affirms that the tendency is increasingly inclined to the different tones and colors. “You can use either a completely different color from the dress, or a darker or lighter shade,” added Maria.
Models of hats of Atelier Maria Lúcia

Another important tip, for anyone who is thinking about wearing a hat at any wedding, is that it only combines with short dresses or skirts up to cinnamon height. According to GB Dallegrave studio owner Giovanna Dallegrave, wearing long dress and hat is a gaffe. If the reception of the wedding is in an enclosed place and when sitting at the table, the rule is to remove the accessory. The only closed place you can wear the hat is in the church.

The dress also needs to be studied and analyzed before choosing the hat. There must be a synchronicity between the elements of the dress and the hat, above all, so that no exaggeration is committed. The shoe and accessories like earrings, necklaces and bracelets should not have too much shine. Pearls, most of the time, are the best match with hat.

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How can face shape and height influence the choice of hat?

Do not always match the hat with the dress, shoe and accessories is enough to make it look good in person. The height and shape of each woman’s face can change the model of the hat.

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If you are short, choose models with narrow flaps, because wide flaps may give the impression of flattening. This is also for those with a rounded face, for these people, what is indicated are narrow tabs and caps (which have no flaps), both tend to lengthen the face. Tall, slim-faced women can use and abuse wide-brimmed hats, they tend to match that body and facial structure a lot. For women who have or exceed middle age, Giovanna’s suggestion is the coconut hats, which are rounded and with small flaps.
Atelier Maria Lúcia’s capes

Accessories for the hat

Flowers, flat or ribbon ribbons and bows are the most commonly used accessories to give a hat up. They are highly recommended for those who have a plain dress of one color and the hat of another, because it is possible to choose an accessory that is the same color of clothing or with elements in similar tones. What is not indicated is the repetition of elements in the hat and the dress, that is, if you use flowers in one, do not use in the other.
Hats with accessories from GB Dallegrave

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Be aware of the place of celebration

This accessory, full of restrictions on its use, also does not match with any environment. Hats made of more sophisticated fabrics, lightweight or with transparencies, those made of heavier fabrics such as wool and felt, and the caps do not match with weddings on the beach, for example. These models are best suited for the field. For the beach the straw-imitating fabrics look better.