Tips on How to Care: Tablecloths, Place mats and Napkins

I have received some questions from you guys asking me care tips that we should have with a Napkin, napkins and towels. And although it seems a simple question, I found interesting to make a post about it with some important precautions that should be taken, so that our American Games last much more.

Let’s start talking about the fabric napkins, which require some special care:

Pre Wash 1-Remove Stains

The time to clean is as important as the time to save, so some stronger spots deserve attention.

  • Lipstick and FAT: remove scrubbing with detergent: apply the stain with a napkin dry, wet and rub.
  • Paprika: let in the Sun for 15 minutes then rub with detergent.
  • Wine: apply water and let soak for 15 minutes, then rub and wash normally

2nd Rinse Carefully

According to aceinland, the colorful can be washed with laundry detergent or liquid, but it is important to put a low dosage of SOAP, because too much can burn or wash out the color Wash normally and don’t soak for more than 5 minutes.

Already the whites should be left to soak in hot water with coconut SOAP or washing powder and a half glass of alcohol. Preferably put in the Sun to lighten. Very careful with those with embroidery or applications, because they should be washed separately and by hand

3rd Pass

After washing it is time to pass the napkins and let them flawless. The linen and cotton are perfect when ironed, you can use gum ready, which is super easy to find in supermarkets.

4 Organize

The time to organize is as important as the previous steps, because if done incorrectly you will need to redo all the time is to use them. So watch these tips:

  • If you have space keep them totally open;
  • If you cannot fold less that can, for no kneading;
  • Don’t do rolls!
  • Do not store in plastic bags or bags with zipper.If it gets kept for a long time without use, can be yellow. So if you do not use, donate!
  • To make, store preferably in a drawer next to the table where meals are served and separate for use, it is best to place the everyday life at the top and the visits on the bottom of the closet.
  • Using little, take care: use day in and day out and then launder to save again.
  • An easy and efficient to organize mega is buying own hangers for hanging skirts and put the American Games.

The table cloths also need the same care that the napkins and in time to save and just let them together and you can see all. Leave stored in box only gets in the way on time to prepare any decoration.

Already the napkins should be stored separately in a drawer if you want easier, buy and organize tabs by types and colors. So it’s easier at the time you need to use them.

Liked the tips? I’m sure with these steps will be much easier to decorate a beautiful table at mealtime.

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