Tips on Clothes from 0 to 12 Months!

These past few weeks I have received several emails with questions regarding outfits.
Then, after 1 year wearing the Bruna, I can spend a good idea for you to buy and what not to buy. A lot you bought before she was born was in the closet. And how beautiful thing but zero circulation or comfortable. Clothes have to monitor the development of the baby and always be comfortable. What’s the point for a dress ironed in a baby of 6 months once you sit in the car seat and put the belt will turn a crumpled cloth?

All first-time mother when assembles the outfit looks like a crazy Shopaholic and lota baby clothes closet beautiful and cute. Yes, it is virtually impossible to resist a pair of baby shoes size 1. But what you don’t know is that your baby will not use him to stay home, and that his foot grows every month.

So I’ve gathered below all that I consider useful to wear the baby in the first year and as these items can replace those who will be standing in the closet.
If you want to see better the images just click on top, and all the stores that I quote here I have spoken earlier But if you want to know more, just for the store name in the search of the blog.

  1. Body

Without a doubt is the best item that you may have to dress the baby up to 1 year. He keeps baby always tidy, avoid leaving with his belly out, diaper appearing and also protects from direct contact with the hands. Prefer always the body to spare t-shirts, especially at time when the baby is in your lap, or car seat.

Today it is possible to buy body of all models as body shirt, body, body, body, dress polo with collar, no collar. Anyway.

The best shot are those of the Carters. The quality of the cotton allows you to wash in the machine as many times as you want without damaging. And best of all, they stretch so much that it is possible to use them for more than 3 months (which is the time references between a size and others). I love the First Impressions that also has great quality and price and sizes similar to those of the Carters.

Here in Brazil the Bib tag (which has the sale at Boniticos) has body and clothes basiquinhas with great quality.

  1. Mesh pants
    Purchase jeans, cargo pants, denim pants and other type can also be tempting. But nothing more unpleasant for a baby than wearing those pants, no movement and with a very short elastic waist. Mesh pants are the best item. Have at least 5 of each size for baby use at home on a daily basis and have 1 or 2 more tidy pants (or harder) to exit.
    The best mesh pants: First Impressions! The kit with 2 pants out on average U $8! But the Carters are also great. Watch the Baby Gap jeans and Old Navy because they are too tight in the waist and the leg too long.
    Here already bought several times in mesh pants Hello baby and Tip Top with a super cool and good quality.
    Just so you understand, I bought at least half a dozen jeans for up to 1 year and Bruna used no. Unless a jeans well squishy. If your baby is stockier can happen even 1 size up close and not stay long in the leg.
    Leggings is a great option for girls.
    Same tips of this topic goes for shorts and can to keep them alive; always, mesh with elastic waist and very squishy.
  2. Jackets

Always have at least a Hoody for every age. The hood is very useful for when you go out on          the street and is chilly. Babies up to 6 months need a lot of protection of the head and ears          because any change in the weather can turn a flu or ear infection. Remembering that the            hood is useful for day trips and not to stay home. To stay home the hood does volume on            head by the time the baby down on the cradle or is in the car seat, in this case prefer the              knitwear and sweatshirts without hoods.

Have at least 1 nylon jacket for winter I also find important. Protects from rain, cold and is            easy to put on top of the mesh.

Neutral jackets knitting button like white, beige and Black Sea are always useful for use on          top of any outfit.

Careful with wool fabrics because if they are not of good quality can give baby allergy.

Coat Zara Baby (in Brazil), Baby Gap, Harstrings and Old Navy.

  1. Socks
    Use and abuse of the colored stockings, with drawings of shoes.
    I love the basic Gap socks. But Old Navy has the same quality and bag with several good cheap to buy uvula at the Gap and you can buy online.
    For the goofy socks Trumpette brand is awesome. But it has several others that already have relationships in this POST you can find out there with a better price.
    This way the socks and sneaker type with Puket drawings are a good option.
  2. Dresses.
    Until the 6 months very dresses suits don’t have much use. Actually the 6 months your child hardly leaves home, then only the dresses of mesh that doesn’t trample and are comfortable. Or spaghetti strap dresses for summer is the fresh alternative for girls, those that comes with matching panties. Has only 1 or 2 coolest dresses case appears a little ahead.
    For mesh dresses Baby Gap, Gymboree, Carters.
    For comfortable dresses but more clean-cut Polo Ralph Lauren Baby, Harstrings and Janie and Jack.
  3. Shoes
    I’m super against putting tennis or shoe in small baby. Is there anything more uncomfortable than that? Babies don’t need shoes at that stage. So if you don’t want to replace the socks with designs, choose shoes as well as the squishy Tip Toey Joey that have both spoken here. Maternity shoes attach pregnant footwear.
  4. Hat
    Cloth hat with wide brim and that take the whole head is super important to protect the baby’s face in the sun as the baby until 6 months cannot use sunscreen, a good hat is the best option.
  5. Overall

The jumpsuit is very useful especially in the first 3 months of life, the baby barely leaves the House. And even more so if the baby is born in the winter. They are cute overalls and is the best clothes to stay comfortable. In the 4-5 months overall is already beginning to look like pajamas, but for this function

is still the best option. So I think jumpsuit with foot worth buying up to a maximum of 6 months.

For more overall tidy love of pulsh of Petit Bateau with rear opening, are super practical and make time to take a peek in the diaper.

For the day to day, Carters are the best.

The Carters Pajamas jumpsuit shaped are also great to use up to 1 year. Has that warm fabric loop soft.

The next post on this subject will be on clothes over 12 months.

And you, any hint of clothing that was super helpful or clue to not buy??