Tips for Wedding Shoes

If you are married but just can not stand to wear heels, not even for half a day, do not worry: there are lots of style solutions without having to stand on stilts in the day of your wedding! First of all the dancers: it is the classic choice for women who do not like high heels and want to be comfortable and move freely. The designers propose some beautiful models, very chic and elegant, also perfect for a bride. It should be said that low shot shoe does not fit all models of dresses and you have to be careful to choose a dress that will be comfortable without heels.

The dancers will stand very well if you have a lean physique and slender.They’re also perfect if you are taller groom or if you risk to pass him wearing heels. However, if you have any extra pounds too much and you need slanciarvi a bit’, the advice is to not give up a little’ heel. Choose a short knee-length dress, one ’50s style, reminiscent of those of Audrey Hepburn for be perfect with ground level dancers. If your dream is a princely dress with full skirt and bustier, perhaps the dancer is not the best choice.

This type of shoe will be perfect if you marry in the country and if you opt for a soft dress, chiffon, maybe empire building. Obviously if you marry in the summer at sea, you could also choose to wear flat sandals, embellished with flowers or crystal decorations: do not, however, always open footwear too, especially if you get married in church. As we have explained to you so you can be elegant too with the flat shoes, the important thing is never to betray their own style and their physical.