Tips for Sustainable Children’s Day Toys

Children ‘s Day is coming and with it the children’s charge of winning the much-anticipated gifts. Between choosing to offer nothing to not stimulate consumerism or give in to the demands of children, are options of sustainable toys. With a few tips, you can find them or even make them, to ensure a lot of fun for your kids without harming the environment.

Make Sustainable Toys

By reusing various materials that would be discarded it is possible to make various sustainable toys. Call the kids to help you and the fun will start from the production! A tip are options that encourage small ones to move, such as seesaws, skidding, horse, swing among others made with tires. For being fun, they will not get sick anytime soon!

Rent Toys  

Some companies offer rental toys of various types and for various age groups. This way, in addition to the more conscious consumption, you avoid accumulating a lot of toy options from which children get easily sick. How about experiencing this service on Children’s Day? The hint is to rent fun options and gather your child’s classmates to them to celebrate the date having a lot of fun. This will make the little one understand that the most important thing is not the possession of the material good, but rather what it provides.

Choose Products With Little Packaging

If you decide to buy some toys for your child, opt for those who do not have many packages because these wastes are the big culprits in increasing litter production and polluting the environment. If this is not possible, teach the child how to separate the materials and refer them to recycling. To wrap them, reuse gift wrap that you have at home or just place a beautiful decorative ribbon.

Do not know yet what to give? Search for alternative toy manufacturers, made from recycled material or that respect the preservation of the environment at all stages of production. Items that encourage outdoor play, such as toy bicycles, skates, ball and others are recommended. In addition to providing contact with nature and stimulating the practice of physical activity, which is good for health, they also develop motor coordination and balance of the small.

Before buying something, always encourage the child to reflect if they really need the product they want. In this way, it will help you learn to consume consciously!