Tips for Not Passing Perrengue in the Camping

December has just begun, Brazilian summer filling the beaches, people taking vacations and a lot of people preparing to camp for the first time on beaches, cities with waterfalls or in electronic music festivals and other rhythms that sometimes last for several days.

The week of the new year is always very busy and experienced campers mix with people who are going through the first experience. So, we’ve prepared this post with some essential tips for you not to spend perrengue on camping and falling for the experience of spending a few days in contact with nature.
Complete tent – check before you travel!

Obviously, the first important thing is to have a tent in size compatible with the number of people who will use. We’ve already written here several tips to choose the best tent for each traveler profile.
Even if you’ve just bought a tent, before leaving for your adventure, make sure that all items are inside the bag: tent, stakes, the rods, the cover. If any item is missing, the installation of your tent will be compromised and you can pass a perrengue of those at camping according to newvilleoutdoor.COM.
(Tents without stakes fly without cover are soaked inside, without rods have no structure and so on.)
Canvas – synonym of comfort!
Me and the hubby always take two canvases in our camping kit, so we can use one under the tent (which acts as a waterproof floor and entrance to leave the sneakers, slippers, etc.) and one on top, tied to trees, to make shadow.
If you have only one, evaluate the location where you will camp and the weather. If you do a lot of Sun and there are trees in the camping, use canvas to make shadow.
Sleeping bag, pad or air mattress
There depends a lot on the requirement for your comfort while sleeping. You need, in addition to the tent, a minimally soft surface to lie down and there are some options in accordance with the profile of each one.
The most practical of all is the sleeping bag that is light and stored in a blanket in a bag. The pad is also relatively practical and more fluffy, but not super comfortable. Already the inflatable mattress is super comfortable (if not bored), but a clog.
Table and folding chairs
Who wants to experience the universe really a camping, you need to prepare your meals there in the tent and eat there! Even if you choose to make meals in the bar of the camping, always rolls a coffee, snacks, beer that the existence of a coffee table.
In specialty stores you’ll find kits with tables and folding chairs super practices, but if you have to choose to save, give preference to the table, because probably the camping will have some plastic chairs to borrow.
Stove, gas and cliques
To prepare the rangos unforgettable camping, you need to have a kit of cliques, a stove and a gas canister. After all, you can’t rely on the ability to cook on the fire, huh? But who wants to learn, has post here !
There are super practical and small stoves to use. You can prepare unforgettable pasta with tuna, sausage and even a rice, egg and other things! Don’t forget to take a kit with plate, fork, knife, spoon and glass. If it’s plastic, even better!
Insect repellent, sunscreen and toilet paper
Whether in the field or on the beach, mosquitoes and Sun of crack can’t ruin your experience at camp. In addition, you cannot rely on the existence of toilet paper in the bathrooms of the campsites, right?!
So, if you have to prioritize hygiene and personal care items in your bag, choose the sunscreen, repellent (don’t forget!) and the toilet paper. At most, have SOAP, shampoo, cream and a bottle of detergent for washing the dishes is a
Ropes and stakes extras – prevention is better than cure
To be even more ninja, you can take an extra kit of stakes and strings, because someone may need or even you to secure better your tent or tarp on camping.
With these tips, we are sure that your camping experience you’ll be good and willingness to repeat will appear for sure!  Over at Facebook has even more tips and in our store you can find these items at the best price. Go check it out!