Tips for Dressing in Rainy Summer Day

Learn how to compose a beautiful look using the necessary accessories to protect yourself from the rain.

The day starts sunny, beautiful and very hot and when you least expect it, the weather changes radically. It is the rains, very common in the hottest season of the year that end up taking by surprise even the most forewarned. Detailed click

To face these days without losing the style, we have some tips on how to dress on a rainy summer day, to show that it is possible to maintain elegance and compose a beautiful look with the necessary accessories to protect against rain.

Because it is a season of unpredictable rains, you have to leave the house already knowing what can happen in the next few hours.

Therefore, when choosing clothes for rainy day, always prefer blouses and trousers of darker tones and with the bar in the right measure.

Footwear should be more closed and material that will not ruin when in contact with water. Avoid wearing slippers, sandals and high heels.

Do not forget the umbrella, which is an essential accessory and should always be loaded in the bag. Besides being useful, it can be modern and fun, with prints and colors that please your taste and complement your production. The raincoat is also very welcome on rainy days, prefer those of waterproof fabric.