Tips for Collar and Groom’s Shirts, Wedding Dresses


One of the rules that is very easy and will help the groom when buying his shirt is to see if the collar has buttons.

If it has, the shirt should only be used in a sporty way, that is, without the tie, therefore, this model Collar is not appropriate for a social event such as marriage.

Another rule is how wide the shirt collar should be. It can not be tight, but it should not get too loose around the neck.

The ideal way is for it to fit snugly around the neck.
Another important detail is about the size of the collar, as it may favor your biotype or not.
A pointed collar gives greater harmony to a man who is large or overweight. Already a collar more rounded and a little shorter, favors thin men and with the long neck.
Anyway, the long or more open collar is the most used in social situations and strictly speaking, because they stand out and give elegance to the suit. Make necklines simpler for light suits or for blazer wear.

The men’s clothing market offers numerous options for different occasions. Basically, there are three patterns: smooth, striped and chess.

Plain Shirts:  For wedding day, for example, the flat shirt is the best option. It can be in any light color like cream, baby pink or light blue, but without a doubt, the white is champion of choice, not only for matching with all kinds of suits as it is suitable for any season.

Striped shirts:  They are considered classic, those that have narrow stripes with one or two colors. In that case, they should never be worn with ties with prints. Plain ties are the ideal ones to make up the costume.

Shirts with plaid: Although this pattern is fashionable, it is not fit for a more formal situation. The plaid shirt looks beautiful when accompanied by a pair of jeans or a Sports pants

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