Tips and Tricks for Dirty Clothes that Will be Useful

Washing clothes is an annoying but necessary task, so you have to get down to business. Lucky is that there are tips and tricks that can make this task easier, discover them here…


Sometimes this simply happens: the basket gets full of wet clothes. This not only increases the chance of mold, but also leaves the rest of your clothing with an unpleasant smell. It is always good to let the wet clothes dry before. Try hanging on a towel rack, putting it in the sun, or even on the clothesline.


Who does not hate it? After washing a pile of clothes, the socks seem to be all tousled. A laundry bag that you can attach to the basket with preachers can serve as a sanctuary for your socks! These bags can also be washed with rest of clothing, and saves you from the hassle of hunting the socks individually.


Not everyone has the laundry basket near the washing machine. If your basket is difficult to carry because it weighs more than one elephant, try using a hot glue gun to glue toy carts in each corner below. Now the children can also help with the tasks.


Soap packs are often bulky, and can often spread all over the place when trying to place it on the meter or in the machine compartment. Soap jars attached to the wall may be the solution to this problem! Put a label on soap and fabric softener and just take what you need, without wasting.


A ball of foil can help a lot against static. The clothes may not look so scary, but at least avoid the shock!


A floor pole saves much more energy than a dryer. Too bad there’s always a crease that bends over the sticks. If you cut a pool noodles and put on the sticks, the creases will no longer be a problem.


Ironing boards are always kind of hard to fold. The perfect assembly to hang it is with two hooks placed side by side, with a small space between them.


If you are saving money and have a knack for fashion stuff, why not make your own folding system with a large piece of cardboard? To do this, just fold the box on the left and right side. In the middle is the space for the shirt. The third part of the “folder” is cut from both sides to the center and then folded over. Using this system, all shirts will be folded exactly the same size, keeping things tidy in your wardrobe.

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