Tips and Suggestions for Trunk Mounted for International Travel”!

Hi girls, okay? How was the weekend?

Mine was pretty good here in Africa, and today I will show you the look that I used yesterday. Despite the relatively good weather the wind decided to get very heavy and this caused me to thank very much the fact that I NEVER take off my list of “GOTTA PUT in the TRUNK”-my handkerchiefs-, peels—and boot! Reflecting on that and after a reader dear CG here have asked me some guidelines and “advice” about this delicate balance between useful and comfortable, I decided to give some tips about “bags assembled for international travel” or even national, just adapt.

Those who follow the blog from the beginning know that my fiancé spent two years in the job–and the hard way, or not–I had to learn to be practical and without exaggeration when it comes to bags, airports, travel and the like.

I agree that Pack may require some patience of travelers. The bag should not be too heavy, depending on the destination – be half empty to fit shopping, mainly to avoid inconvenience and excess baggage at the time of shipment. Anyway, all this begins to turn crazy when it comes to storage.

Anyway, I’ll ride for you 4 (FOUR) options of bags at AviationoPedia–what I put in my luggage-items that I really take or leave at home at the time of storage and that always help me and not overdo it, use what I take and left room to bring the shopping (TRIPS).

first tip: TWO nécessaires-keep items such as sunscreen, moisturizer, shampoo, deodorant, Hair Conditioner, makeup and repellent. And, the other for accessories (such as hair clips, headband, watches and bracelets).

2nd tip: 1-beach bag–it doesn’t have to be a very large bag: she should be spacious enough for you to feel comfortable on the beach with sunscreen, cover up, flip-flop, beach items, towels and etc.

-4 bikinis.

-5 lingerie – two bras neutrals (black and white)

-1 TOP

-1 Shorts Jeans

-1Saia Jeans

-1 Leave more tidy (out)

-1 beach dress

-4 tops (neutral colors and preferably flat) – for the day

-4 tops more tidy to night (they can be used both with the jeans, as with the skirt more tidy) – simply invest in the heel.

-Legging Pants 1

-1 Black Heel shoe

-1 sneaker

-1 slipper

-1 small bag

-Colorful Scarves – 2, PEELS

PS: and travel with a big purse so that I don’t have to put it in the trunk.


-4 to 6 bikinis.

-2 Pants Leggings

– 22 – 3 neutral Bras lingerie (a black, white, strapless)

-2 TOP

-2 Jean Shorts

-3 Jeanss Skirts

-2 get out more tidy (out)

-summer 3vestidos

-4 Cardigãsn

-8 tops (neutral colors and preferably flat)–for the day

-8 tops more tidy to night (they can be used both with the jeans, as with the skirt more tidy)–simply invest in the heel.

-1 Black Heel shoe

-1 low heel Bootie

-1 high-top Boot

-2 sneakers

-1 slipper

-2 small bags

-4 colored scarves-Pashiminas

-2 Jeans

– 1 Coat (depending on the season)-if I take, I’m wearing it on the plane.

-A JEWEL CASE with plenty of accessory

-A NECESSAIRE toiletries

* 15 Days Vacation Usa: Winter Handbag

first tip: pay attention to the weight of the suitcase – In international flights, the weight allowed is up to 32 pounds. While the internal and national 23 kg.

2nd tip: mount the looks ahead

Choose clothes that match each other, put everything on the bed and mount the looks.Do not leave to do so during the trip-you will lose time and will be irritated to realize you forgot that shirt goes with everything.

3rd tip: Opt for the basic colors

fourth tip: leave space in the trunk – don’t take the luggage packed. Leave a little place to shop. “As much as the intent is not to buy, inevitably bring, warm coat, thin and lightweight that was a achadinho.

5th tip: comfortable shoes – I prefer at sneakers than tennis – I think they’re comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

6th tip: Take simple and chic pants you will only need four pants: two jeans and two leggings

7th Tip: Three pairs of shoes

A couple should be very comfortable, suitable for hiking. Give preference to those that can be used with a thick, like Oxford, boot crew socks or shoes. The other must be social, to be used at night at a dinner, for example. And take a jackboot to be worn with dresses, jeans or leggings.

8th tip: dresses, Jokers of the bag-choose two dresses: one for day and one for night. Don’t worry: to vary the accessories, you will change the look and leave the impression that went to dress an outfit entirely.

9th tip: long sleeve sweaters-6 light the eight loops – two for the night, two of knitting (in basic colors, such as jackets or v-neck) and four.

10th tip: thick and thin pants Socks–always prefer black or skin color.

11th tip: Three scholarships

One has to be great–she will be your travel bag. The other will be used at night. And the third, a little smaller, will be taken in tow for most activities.

12th tip: never buy clothes abroad–Prefer to buy outside of Brazil most of the clothes, everything is extremely cheap compared to our country.