Time for the Iphone Change

The new iPhones are bigger, better and faster! But are 6 and 6 plus strong enough, that is worth the switch from the iPhone 5S or 5C on the new phones? We go the question and provide Pro-and contra arguments.

The rush to the new Apple Smart phone has started. Because iPhone 6 and 6 plus stark differ from the models of the previous year. They are also, aside from the still moderate battery life, sophisticated equipment with top hardware. Who today still a iPhone 4, 4S or iPhone 5 uses, should not long pondering on the issue after the change, but send his old iPhone into retirement: the 2014 iPhones are clearly superior to these models just in all respects.

At the previous year’s models  iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. is the decision even more difficult. Alone because you recently have scrolled down a princely sum for it. We provide arguments for and against the change to the sixth generation. In our practice tip we also explain where you your old sell iPhone can play up coal for the acquisition of the new Apple Smartphone.

iPhone 6 instead of iPhone 5 and 5C?

Although iPhone 5 and 5C are only a year old, the transition to that may be worth 6. If you’re the 4-inch screen of the small iPhones on the nerves, the decision is obviously. Because with 4.7 inch that is iPhone 6 contemporary big and still handy. Last but not least because of its rounded design, beautifully nestled in the Palm of the hand. The 6 series is 5 C plastic aluminium and much higher quality than that. This is significantly poorer performance than the iPhone 6, because it is equipped only with the two-year-old Apple A6 dual-core and supports no 64 bit. The camera remains the same though in terms of megapixels, shoots still nicer images but in the 6. You surf here with LTE Cat4 instead only Cat3 and have Wi-Fi-ac available. The memory of 64-GByte models of last year is not enough, which can upgrade now to 128 Gbytes. Much speaks as sure to switch to the latest iPhone. It is larger and generally more powerful. iOS 8 There are however also for old iPhones: If you’re still fully satisfied with your 5s or 5 C, you should not spend 700 euros or more for fun. Because the iPhone 6 is expensive. You pay for the 16 GB version 699 euro, the 64 model costs 799 euro and the big 128-GByte iPhone 899 euro.

iPhone 6 plus instead of iPhone 5 and 5C?

The jump from the iPhone 5S or 5C on the 6 is a big plus in the truest sense. Because the 5.5 inch bolide with Apple logo could be downright shocking big hands accustomed to 4 inches. If can you have waited on the XXL iPhone and not huge enough to be the screen for you, a change is almost mandatory. Because in addition to the large full-HD display that convinces 6 plus with the best technology in an iPhone. The camera is still slightly better than the iPhone 6 thanks to optical image stabilizer, performance and feature package prove to be in the Test as excellent.With 128 GB you get more memory, Wi-Fi-ac and LTE Cat4 from your iPhone.And if Apple pay in Germany starts, you are using iPhone 6 and 6 plus one of the first that can take advantage of the new service. In addition to the sheer size of the 6 plus but an argument against the purchase price is. And not only if you have purchased an iPhone a year ago. The cheapest version with puny 16 GB will cost 799 euros come for a display giant mega-media library is hardly in question. You should at least for the 64-GByte version for 899 euro access. If you want the full program pays even 999 euro for the 128 GB version.