These Smartphones Are Unique

LG Launches the x screen and the stylus 2 equal to two Smartphone nerds with unique equipment on the market. Whether their Extras for a buy recommendation enough? has tried it.

A Smartphone a large display, which either has on or off. Some have an always on function or light up the screen when approaching the users hand. It is unusual that a Smartphone has but two displays. LG brought a upper class mobile with second mini display on the market with the V10. Now, this is because-the mid-range unit also has on board the second screen X screen.

The equipment is otherwise fairly common. The 5-inch display triggers in HD (1280 x 720 pixels) and is sufficiently bright. Razor-sharp display has no effect, the pixel density is lower ppi average with 298. The housing is made of plastic, but not looks. The smooth shiny back is glass, the matte silver edge imitates metal. First impression after unpacking: looks and feels like.

Standard Fare And A Highlight

Inside, pulses of the Qualcomm Snapdragon of 410, a middle-class processor with 1.2 GHz, enough for everyday tasks, but not for good work and challenging games flanked by 2 gigabytes of memory-. The main camera and the front lens take satisfactory photos, the tightly integrated battery is big enough with 2300 MAH, internal memory 16 gigabytes can be expanded via microSD card.

Highlight and only peculiarity is the second display in the upper right corner of the screen. The small Info screen displays the date and time when the main screen is. Wiping left or right leads to further ads: there are buttons for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, vibration and flashlight and a control panel for music playback. This is handy, but the display lights up in stand by mode only weakly, in broad daylight, you can see it hardly.

The main display is switched on, the second display can do even more. Then, it shows the most recently used apps, current events, or shortcuts to apps like notes, clock, calculator, and settings. Whether this energy is saved? That mainly depends on whether it actually resists the instinctive urge to turn on the main display, when a look at the second screen is sufficient.

Stylus 2 Is Bigger And More Modern

The stylus 2 has only a display. That is much bigger with 5.7 inch, the design looks not only thanks to the rear buttons a total modern than the somewhat uninspired X screen. And it has two extras. Above, a thinner pen with rubber tip, which is reminiscent of a metal telescopic antenna inside the housing. You pull it out, a context menu with different actions, including handwritten notes or screen shots with own notes opens automatically.

Unfortunately, the possibilities of the stylus are limited. Biggest drawback: the stroke the stroke as of a pen is set,. Thus you can conjure up although beautiful calligraphy on the display, suitable but only conditionally for notes.Also, the latency is too high for clean and fast handwriting, gestures appear slightly delayed on the display.

The screen has also only HD resolution and thus a pixel density of 258 ppi. The display is thus not very sharp, but bright enough and is beautiful strong colors. Processor and RAM are the same as in the X screen and not designed for demanding work. The images of the two cameras go in order, the battery provides 3000 MAH, which is sufficient for one full day. Little bonus: intensive user can replace the power cell if necessary.

World Novelty

As LG pointed out, a world novelty is equipped with a DAB+-Receiver. Thus, stylus-2 owners can receive digital radio. Prerequisite is that a headset as an antenna, Bluetooth headphones are so useless as before. The DAB+-app is slim and self-explanatory, 38 stations were in the test available, the display shows information about the program and the music. An FM radio is also on board.

Thus the special features are called, the rest is standard fare. Those who choose screen or the stylus 2 for X, I’m probably above all because of their tools. Design, equipment and technical data are worthy of a middle class family, inspire them but can’t. Buyers with both devices get ordinary smartphones, however, in the price range between 200 and 300 euros, there are many and good competitors. X screen and stylus 2 are nerds, the insider tip that’s not it.