Thermal Underwear

The temperature is dropping and are back, albeit tentatively in some regions of the country, such as Lisbon, Woolen Sweaters, scarves and overcoats.

While the time is uncertain, with large temperature fluctuations(in that it’s”kill” at 8:00, but a nice little heat for lunch), dress in layers, using the technique of onion, is usually the best solution.

With the cold installed, we don’t have much chance. Is resorting to that hotter we have in the closet and hope the set work, without looking like you have more clothes.

Or use one of my other favorite techniques- the technique of thermal underwear, practically imperceptible, but super effective to conserve heat and keep us warm, with little clothing.

In this field, the Thermo line of Impetus is one of my favorites. Is made up of several pieces, designed to let the skin breathe, but keeping the heat. That is, the same is isolated, so that I don’t feel temperature differences so brusque and unpleasant.

The pieces are made in polyester and spandex, so as to adapt well to the body and no distortion(holding several washes).

In addition to being available in various models(and with different types of necklines), for woman, man and child(from 4 years) have another thing, for me, fundamental- the diversity of tones, which includes the black( one of the colors I use in the winter).

The hint, so sensitive to the cold days ahead. And if you want to try these products on the skin, the Impetus offers 15% discount to readers of the miniskirt, the acquisition of any part or parts Thermo Impetus(for the whole family), the online store of Impetus. Only need to enter the code MSAIA15, valid until the end of the year 2015.